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An easy-to-use Swift library for In-App Purchases, using Fovea.Billing for receipts validation.
.package(url: "https://github.com/iridescent-dev/iap-swift-lib.git", from: "1.0.4")

An easy-to-use Swift library for In-App Purchases, using Fovea.Billing for receipts validation.


  • ✅ Purchase a product
  • ✅ Restore purchased products
  • ✅ Verify transactions with the App Store on Fovea.Billing server
  • ✅ Handle and notify payment transaction states
  • ✅ Retreive products information from the App Store
  • ✅ Support all product types (consumable, non-consumable, auto-renewable subscription, non-renewing subscription)
  • ✅ Status of purchases available when offline
  • ✅ Server integration with a Webhook

Basic Usage

This Swift Package is very quick to install and very easy to use. Let's see the basic usage and go to the documentation for more information.

  • Initialize the library
    iapProducts: [ IAPProduct(productIdentifier: "my_product", productType: .nonConsumable) ],
    validatorUrlString: "https://validator.fovea.cc/v1/validate?appName=demo&apiKey=12345678"
  • Stop library when the application will terminate
  • Display product information
guard let product: SKProduct = InAppPurchase.getProductBy(identifier: "my_product") else { return }
productTitleLabel.text = product.localizedTitle
productDescriptionLabel.text = product.localizedDescription
productPriceLabel.text = product.localizedPrice
  • Initialize a purchase
    productIdentifier: "my_product",
    callback: { result in
  • Unlock purchased content
if InAppPurchase.hasActivePurchase(for: "my_product") {
    // display content related to the product
  • Restore purchases
    callback: { result in


See also:

Xcode Demo Project

Do not hesitate to check the demo project available on here: iap-swift-lib-demo.


Generate the documentation, using Jazzy, just by running jazzy from the root of the project.


Common issues are covered here: https://github.com/iridescent-dev/iap-swift-lib/wiki/Troubleshooting


InAppPurchaseLib is open-sourced library licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.


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