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Simple Framework for a XML-database. Written in Swift.


XMLDatabase is a simple library to save, fetch and remove objects of XML documents. Beside that, it is possible to integrate validations. This database is a great way to ex- and import XML documents or to have a very good human readable and editable database.


XMLDatabase can be installed using Swift Package Manager or manually.

Swift Package Manager

Add the following line to Package.swift.

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/ipmanuel/XMLDatabase.git", from: "1.3.0")

Notice: XMLDatabase is only compatible with swift 5.2 or newer.


Clone the repository and copy the directory Sources/XMLDatabase with all the files to your project. You don't need to write import XMLDatabase as it is shown in the example further below.


New entity

To add a new entity. You need to create two files. One file defines the properties with validations, getter and setter methods. The other file is neccessary to convert the object to xml. Look for an example here.


import Foundation
import XMLDatabase


You can initialize an empty xml document in the following way:

let url = URL(fileURLWithPath: FileManager.default.currentDirectoryPath).appendingPathComponent("Persons.xml")
let container = try XMLDocumentContainer(objectName: "Person", objectNamePlural: "Persons")
let xmlDocumentManager = try XMLDocumentManager(at: url, with: container)

Manage objects

Init the manager for objects.

let manager = XMLObjectsManager<PersonMapper>(xmlDocumentManager: xmlDocumentManager)

Initialize instances, which you want to save. Attention: The id of a new object will be set automatically. Therefore it is set with 0.

var newPerson1 = try Person(id: 0, gender: .male, firstName: "Max")
var newPerson2 = try Person(id: 0, gender: .male, firstName: "Mary")
var newPerson3 = try Person(id: 0, gender: .male, firstName: "Willi")
var newPerson4 = try Person(id: 0, gender: .male, firstName: "Kate")

Add all the objects to the container. Keep in mind, each operation includes the following process:

  1. load the xml document
  2. change the xml document
  3. save the xml document. So that this is inefficient:
try manager.addObject(object: &newPerson1)
try manager.addObject(object: &newPerson2)
try manager.addObject(object: &newPerson3)
try manager.addObject(object: &newPerson4)
try manager.removeObject(object: &newPerson2)

More efficent way:

var objects = [newPerson1, newPerson2, newPerson3, newPerson4]
try manager.addObjects(objects: &objects)
try manager.removeObject(object: newPerson2)


The XMLDatabase is available under MIT licence.


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