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intere/GeoTrackKit swift3.2
A Cocoapod for Geo Tracking.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/intere/GeoTrackKit.git", from: "swift3.2")

GeoTrackKit Logo

An iOS Library for Geo Tracking


  • Handles user authorization
  • Handles track creation
  • Handles track analyzing (for ascents, descents and other stats)
  • Custom MKMapKit control for plotting your tracks on a map
  • Pull tracks in from HealthKit (Activity App)
    • NOTE: This is an iOS 11+ only feature and requires a physical device to test
    • This capability is in a subspec: HealthKit
  • Example App to demonstrate capabilities

Project Status

This project is currently a work in progress.

Build Status Documentation Platform CocoaPods CocoaPods

Initial Roadmap

  • ☑ Pull tracks from HealthKit (workouts)
  • ☑ CocoaPods support
  • ☑ Continuous integration (Travis CI)
  • ☑ Function documentation
  • ☑ Jazzy docs
  • ☑ SwiftLint integration
  • ☐ Carthage support
  • ☐ Swift Package Manager support
  • ☐ Performance tests
  • ☐ 90% Code coverage
  • ☐ Danger support

Example App


  • ☑ Save tracks to disk
  • ☑ Provide a track list
  • ☑ Pull tracks in from HealthKit


Installation Instructions


Release from Cocoapods:

pod 'GeoTrackKit'

Directly from Github:

pod 'GeoTrackKit', :git => '[email protected]:intere/GeoTrackKit.git', :branch => 'develop'

Example Usage

// This will either start tracking, or prompt the user for access to track their location
GeoTrackManager.shared.startTracking(type: .whileInUse)

This library also includes a map control that will map the GeoTrack:


I've built a couple of variations of Geo Tracking applications, but I wanted to build a library for the community that I can share and get feedback and build better products.

Created and maintained by

Eric Internicola

Key Classes


See the generated API Documentation in the docs folder See the GeoTrackKit Wiki

Credits / Attribution


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Last commit: 4 weeks ago
jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes

API Updates
4 years ago


  • Extension to CLLocationCoordinate2D to include mercator x, y and points
  • Extended parsing of CLLocation so that it supports long and short name versions of CLLocations
  • Extended Double to convert back and forth between radians and degrees
  • Added the ability for GeoTrackAnalyzer to split a track into legs
  • Added utilities to GeoTrack for checking if two tracks are adjacent (start / end) and check if two tracks intersect at all
  • Added sharing of tracks in the example app
  • Added unit tests


Code Diff

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