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Lightweight persistence engine for Swift structures


Arcade is a lightweight persistence layer for Swift structures or objects!


Arcade can be installed using the Swift Package Manager. Add the following to your Package.swift file:

dependencies: [
    .Package(url: "https://github.com/infinitetoken/Arcade.git", from: "1.0.0")



Models (structures) in your project must conform to Storable.

import Arcade

struct Owner: Storable {

    static var table: Table = AppTable.owner

    var id: String
    var name: String?



The Table protocol defines the names of the tables in which to store your models.

import Arcade

enum AppTable: String, Table {
    case owner = "Owner"

    var name: String {
        return self.rawValue

Configure Adapter

import Arcade

let arcade = Arcade(adapter: InMemoryAdapter())

Connect to Database

import Arcade

arcade.connect() { (result) in
    // Connected! (or Error)


import Arcade

let owner = Owner(id: id(), name: "Foo")

arcade.insert(storable: owner) { (result) in
    // Inserted! (or Error)


import Arcade

owner.name = "Fred"

arcade.update(storable: owner) { (result) in
    // Updated! (or Error)


import Arcade

let id = owner.id

arcade.delete(id: id, type: Owner.self) { (result) in
    // Deleted! (or Error)


To find a specific item by id:

import Arcade

let future: Future<Owner> = arcade.find(id: owner.id)

arcade.find(id: owner.id) { (result) in
    // Found it! (or Error)

To query a set of items:

import Arcade

let expression = Expression.equal("name", "Foo")
let query = Query.expression(expression)

arcade.fetch(query: query) { (result) in
    // Do something with result... (or Error)


To use Arcade with the CoreData adapter some additional protocol conformance must be setup. Your CoreData entites should conform to CoreDataStorable:

class OwnerEntity: NSManagedObject {

    @NSManaged var id: id
    @NSManaged var name: String?

    override func awakeFromInsert() {

        self.id = id()


extension OwnerEntity: CoreDataStorable {

    public var viewable: Viewable {
        return Owner(id: self.id, name: self.name)

    public var storable: Storable {
        return Owner(id: self.id, name: self.name)

    public func update(withStorable dictionary: [String : Any]) -> Bool {
        if let id = dictionary["id"] as? id {
            self.id = id
        if let name = dictionary["name"] as? String {
            self.name = name
        } else if dictionary["name"] is NSNull {
            self.name = nil

        return true


That's it! Now you can save your objects using the CoreDataAdapter just like any other object!


Arcade is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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