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indisoluble/SwiftQuantumComputing 26.1.0
Quantum circuit simulator in Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/indisoluble/SwiftQuantumComputing.git", from: "26.1.0")

Quantum circuit simulator in Swift

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Check code in Circuit.playground.

Circuit with noise

import SwiftQuantumComputing // for macOS
//: 1. Compose a list of quantum gates & noises
let quantumOperators: [QuantumOperatorConvertible] = [
    Gate.hadamard(target: 0),
    Noise.bitFlip(probability: 0.35, target: 0),
    Gate.phaseShift(radians: 0.25, target: 2),
    Noise.phaseDamping(probability: 0.75, target: 2),
    Gate.controlled(gate: .hadamard(target: 1), controls: [2, 0]),
    Noise.bitFlip(probability: 0.8, target: 1)
//: 2. Build a quantum circuit with noise using the list
let circuit = MainNoiseCircuitFactory().makeNoiseCircuit(quantumOperators: quantumOperators)
//: 3. Use the quantum circuit with noise
let result = try circuit.densityMatrix().get()
print("Density matrix: \(result)\n")
print("Probabilities: \(result.probabilities())\n")

Check code in NoiseCircuit.playground.


~/SwiftQuantumComputing % swift run sqc-measure-performance

Run this application to check the performance of this simulator in your computer. Execute swift run sqc-measure-performance -h to see all available options.

Check code in SQCMeasurePerformance/main.swift.


  • Use a genetic algorithm to automatically generate a quantum circuit - Check example in Genetic.playground.
  • Two-level decomposition: Decompose any gate into an equivalent sequence of not gates and fully controlled phase shifts, z-rotations, y-rotations & not gates - Check example in TwoLevelDecomposition.playground.

Other algorithms

More examples


Documentation for the project can be found here.


SwiftPM dependencies


This package depends on BLAS & LAPACK if running on Linux, more exactly, Ubuntu.

These dependencies are reflected in Package.swift with:

  • CBLAS-Linux, which in turn expects to find: /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/cblas-netlib.h
  • CLapacke-Linux, which in turn expects to find: /usr/include/lapacke.h

So, after installing BLAS & LAPACK (in case they are not already there):

sudo apt-get install libblas-dev liblapacke-dev

Check cblas-netlib.h & lapacke.h are in the expected locations.


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