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Waifu2x porting to macos, still in CoreML and Metal. For other details please refer to waifu2x-ios.

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I haven't published this app to the Mac App Store. Any app appears on the store has nothing to do with me.


  • macOS 10.13+ (Running)
  • Xcode 10.2+ (Building)

Compilation Instructions

Option A (automatic):

  1. Open the Terminal (⌘+Space, "terminal")
  2. Drag build.sh from Finder to the Terminal window, and press Return to start building the app.
    All missing dependencies (including Xcode) will be installed automatically by the script if needed.
  3. Once the build has completed, the waifu2x-mac-app application can be found in the build folder.

Option B (manual):

  1. Install dependencies for command-line version:
    sudo gem install xcodeproj
    cd Dependencies
    swift package update
    rake xcodeproj
  2. Build using waifu2x-mac-app scheme
  3. To locate the built macOS app, expand the Products folder on Project Navigator (left pane) and right click on waifu2x-mac-app.app to select Show in Finder

Installing the App and CLI Version

The app can be dragged to any location you choose, such as /Applications.

If you would like to use the CLI version, right click on the app and select Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents/MacOS. The CLI version is waifu2x.

If you would like to run the program anywhere, you must create a symbolic link by typing ln -s /path/to/waifu2x /usr/local/bin/waifu2x in a terminal. You can also drag the waifu2x executable after ln -s to get the file path in terminal automatically.

For example, if waifu2x-mac-app is in /Applications, you would run the following command to create a symlink:
ln -s /Applications/waifu2x-mac-app.app/Contents/MacOS/waifu2x /usr/local/bin/waifu2x

N.B.: You can not drag the CLI executable out and use it directly as it will not work. You must create a symbolic link as shown above if you want to use it without going into the waifu2x-mac-app.app directory.
Additionally the symbolic link will break if you move the macOS app. You can delete the old symlink with unlink /usr/local/bin/waifu2x and run ln -s again to create a new one.

Command-Line Usage

Usage: waifu2x [options]
    -t, --type:
        Image type - a for anime (default), p for photo
    -s, --scale:
        Scale factor (1 or 2)
    -n, --noise:
        Denoise level (0-4)
    -i, --input:
        Input image file (any format as long as NSImage loads)
    -o, --output:
        Output image file (png)
    -h, --help:
        Print usage

WARNING: The CLI version is not a self-contained executable. waifu2x must remain in the same directory as CommandLineKit.framework and waifu2x_mac.framework.


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