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An enjoyable way to manage json objects in Swift
.package(url: "https://github.com/illescasDaniel/DynamicJson.git", from: "1.0.1")


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An enjoyable way to manage json objects.


let json = """
  "name": "Daniel",
  "age": 22,
  "favouriteFoods": ["pizza"]

// Get a json from a raw string, from data or from an object (like a dictionary)
let danielJson = Json(raw: json)

// Get stuff
print(danielJson.name.string ?? "")
print(danielJson.favouriteFoods[0].string ?? "")

// You can also change the values inside
danielJson.favouriteFoods = ["hamburger", "you"]
print(danielJson.favouriteFoods.array ?? [])

Easily convert to a Codable object.

struct Person: Codable {
  let name: String
  let age: UInt
  var favouriteFoods: [String]

let daniel: Person? = danielJson.decoded()
print(daniel ?? "nope")

Fast Json traversal with NSDictionary#value(forKeyPath: String).

let otherJson = """
  "fullName": {
    "firstName": "Daniel",
    "lastName": "Illescas",
    "parent": {
      "fullName": {
        "firstName": "Peter",
        "lastName": "Illescas"
  "age": 22
let me = Json(raw: otherJson)
print(me[\.fullName.parent.fullName.firstName].string ?? "nope")
// or
print(me["fullName.parent.fullName.firstName"] ?? "nope")


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