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This project has not yet had its initial release.


BiftVector is a Swift package for bit vectors (also called bit arrays).

This project has not yet had its initial release! See project kanban for current progress. Take a quick look at contribution guidelines.

Refer to the Documentation for more.


import BiftVector
let bv1 = ~BiftVector(size: 32)
let bv2 = BiftVector(hexString: "21350452")
let result = bv1 ^ bv2
let bv3 = BiftVector(hexString: "decafBAD")

if (result == bv3) {
    print("We've succeeded! 😎")

Goals And Features

The project wiki has additional features listed.

Main goals

  • Intends to support "arbitrarily-sized" bit vectors
  • Include full complement of functions and operators
  • Documented API
  • Use continuous integration and TDD (Test Driven Development) practices

Additional goals

  • Cross-platform compatible (Linux, iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS)
  • Be performant and memory efficient
  • Include a CLI wrapper as a demo application
  • Include a Swift Playground to as another demo


  • Swift 5.1, Xcode 11
  • 64b platforms


Swift Package manager

In Package.swift, add the following for BiftVector, then run swift build.

    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "https://github.com/idcrook/BiftVector.git",
                 from: "0.1.0")


import BiftVector

Using REPL with Swift PM

$ swift package clean
$ swift build
$ swift test
$ swift run --repl
Launching Swift REPL with arguments: -I/Users/dpc/projects/xcode/Projects/BiftVector/.build/x86_64-apple-macosx/debug -L/Users/dpc/projects/xcode/Projects/BiftVector/.build/x86_64-apple-macosx/debug -lBiftVector__REPL
Welcome to Apple Swift version 5.1 (swiftlang-1100.0.270.13 clang-1100.0.33.7).
Type :help for assistance.

  1> import BiftVector
  2> let bv1 = BiftVector(hexString: "C0FFEE600DDECAFBAD")
bv1: BiftVector.BiftVector = {
  size = 72
  words = 2 values {
    [0] = 16092341889477902083
    [1] = 181
  3> print (~bv1)

The above loads the framework that XCode project builds.

Using Playground on macOS

There is now a BiftVectorPlayground.playground

However, there are still some unresolved problems with build Framework/Library in the schemes. Have been able to get playground to work using following:

open BiftVector.xcworkspace
# Now build using BiftVector-macOS schemes-- Included .playground now works

Need a better, more idiomatic, less fiddly way.


Uses XCT* Framework which are included in Xcode and Swift distributions.

To run test suite from command line:

swift test

This builds the package source if needed, and runs the test suite, reporting on any failures encountered. The project embraces TDD (Test-Driven Development) which means all tests are required to pass.



David Crook - @idcrook

How this library was created

In macOS

mkdir BiftVector
cd BiftVector
git init .
swift package init --type library
swift package generate-xcodeproj
open BiftVector.xcodeproj


Inspired by open source projects:

Named as a portmanteau word of Bit and Swift (sounds like Biffed) forming into Vector.

Related packages

Searching through CocoaPods, I noticed

  • Bit
  • Bitter
  • BitByteStream

There are some related Framework types, but all of them seem to be restricted to operating on single words (i.e., up to 64 bits)


This package is licensed under the MIT License.


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