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iWECon/Segmenter 2.1.2
A simple segmented for SPM.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/iWECon/Segmenter.git", from: "2.1.2")




let segmenter = Segmenter()

// 是否需要显示阴影
segmenter.isShadowShouldShow = false
// 附加视图的间距
segmenter.supplementaryVerticallyOffset = 5

// 样式, 有 3 种: default, centered, evened, aroundEvent
// 见:+Distribution.swift -> enum Distribution: Int
segmenter.distribution = .default

// segment 点击委托
segmenter.delegate = self

// 配置视图
segmenter.segments = [
    // 显示 view, activeSize 选中时的大小,inactiveSize: 未选中大小
    Segment(view: UIView(), activeSize: CGSize.zero, inactiveSize: CGSize.zero),
    // 显示 image 
    Segment(image: UIImage(), activeSize: CGSize.zero, inactiveSize: CGSize.zero)
    // 显示 label, 可配置文本字体大小
    Segment(title: "Label")
    // 完整的 title 初始化
    // Segment(title: "Label", supplementaryViews: [SupplementView], shadowHidden: false, activeFont: UIFont, activeColor: UIColor, inactiveFont: UIFont, inactiveColor: UIColor)
    // 显示自定义的 View, 自定义 View 需要实现 SegmentView 协议 (UIControl + SegmentViewProvider)
    // 每个 View 对应一个 SegmentInfoProvider
    // 实现 SegmentInfoProvider 后, 传入 SegmentInfoProvider 协议即可
    // 可参考 +Segment+Image.swift / +Segment+Label.swift / +Segment+View.swift
    Segment(custom: SegmentInfoProvider)

// Indicator, 下标
segmenter.indicator = LineIndicator()


Download the project and then open Demo/Segmenter.xcodeproj


· 背景透明时也支持阴影效果

· SupplementaryView 支持独立控制,且同一个 view 只需初始化一次即可出现在任意 Segment 中

· 背景视图使用 backgroundView 设置,已为其添加 gradientLayer 属性,支持渐变色

· Segment 支持自定义 View

· segments 长度超出范围时可滚动显示,对 SupplementaryView 做了优化/适配

· 支持全局配置默认属性,可被实例自定义配置覆盖

// 参考
public static var `default` = Appearance()


Swift Package Manager

.package(url: https://github.com/iWECon/Segmenter", from: "2.1.2")


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Improvement Indicator initial status
5 weeks ago

Improvement Indicator initial status

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