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Marker 引导提示
.package(url: "https://github.com/iWECon/Marker.git", from: "2.0.0")





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Marker.Info 中有多种配置,可自行查看

let startInfo = Marker.Info(marker: startButton, intro: "起始按钮, 默认配置, 最大宽度 320, 点击任意处进入下一个", trianglePosition: .left(offset: 0))
let number2Info = Marker.Info(marker: number2Button, intro: "第二个按钮, 默认配置", trianglePosition: .right(offset: 0))
let actionInfo = Marker.Info(marker: respondActionButton, intro: "第三个按钮, 可透传事件:仅点击高亮范围有效,且点击事,事件可以传递到按钮上(执行按钮的点击事件)并触发下一步事件", highlightOnly: true, eventPenetration: true)
let noMaskInfo = Marker.Info(marker: noMaskButton, intro: "第四个按钮, 没有遮罩", trianglePosition: .center(offset: 0), dimFrame: .zero)
let roundStyleInfo = Marker.Info(marker: roundButton, intro: "第五个按钮, 圆角遮罩, 且高亮范围有 10px 的扩张", style: .round, enlarge: 10)
let squareStyleInfo = Marker.Info(marker: squareButton, intro: "第六个按钮, 方形遮罩", style: .square)
let followStyleInfo = Marker.Info(marker: followStyleButton, intro: "第七个按钮, 跟随视图的风格, 视图是圆角就是圆角,方形就是方形, 高亮范围有 4px 的扩张", style: .marker, enlarge: 4)

Marker(identifier: "normal", start: startInfo)
    .nexts([number2Info, actionInfo, noMaskInfo, roundStyleInfo, squareStyleInfo, followStyleInfo])
    .show(on: self.view, completion: nil)


let alert = UIAlertController(title: "透传事件", message: "你点击了透传按钮, 且按下`知道了`的时候会触发下一步引导", preferredStyle: .alert)
alert.addAction(.init(title: "知道了", style: .cancel, handler: { _ in
    // 通过 instance(from:) 获取
    Marker.instance(from: "normal")?.showNext(triggerByUser: true)
self.present(alert, animated: true, completion: nil)


  • Supports global acquisition of instances

支持全局获取实例(通过 identifier)

使用 Marker.instance(from identifier: String) -> Marker? 即可获取已显示的实例,并触发下一步操作 marker?.showNext(triggleByUser: Bool)

  • Support event transparency, can trigger the next Marker at the same time

支持事件透传, 可同时触发下一个 Marker

  • Support global definition of background color, you can also set the background color independently


  • Support rounded corners to follow the highlighted view


  • Support timeout time setting, can be configured globally, also can be set according to business needs for individual guidance


  • Support highlighting range extension


  • Support show/hide triangle arrows


  • Support triggering response only when clicking on the highlighted range

支持仅点击高亮范围时触发响应, 可配合 isEventPenetration 参数产生强引导(必须点击之后才触发下一个事件)

  • No calculation required (calculation of relative position, etc.)


  • Configurable triangle arrow location



Swift Package Manager

# for Swift 5.4, 最低支持 iOS 9.0
.package(url: "https://github.com/iWECon/Marker", from: "2.0.0")


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