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Swift Server - Let's get started

a FrenchKit 2019 classroom to help people discover swift on the server using the vapor framework.


  • a mac running xcode 11.x
  • or
    • a mac running xcode 10.2.x or even the text editor of your choice
    • or any pc running linux where swift is officially supported (a raspberry pi is one of those)
    • swift tools
      • by installing xcode command line tools
      • or following the https://swift.org/getting-started/ steps for linux
  • [optional] docker tools installed (takes time!)


  1. Build a simple CRUD service using REST routing on top of a SQLite storage
  2. share the model with your app
  3. Write unit tests for it
  4. Testing it on linux using a docker image
  5. Add a Speaker relation

How to build and run

  • If you're using xcode 11
    • simply open Package.swift, it will fetch the dependencies for you 🥰.
    • then build & run the 'Run' scheme on My Mac
  • If you're using xcode 10.x
    • open the Terminal and run swift package generate-xcodeproj
    • then open the generated fk-swift-server.xcodeproj
    • then build & run the 'Run' scheme on My Mac
  • If you're using linux
    • open the Terminal and run swift package update to fetch the dependencies
    • edit the source using your favorite text editor
    • build by typing swift build
    • test by typing swift test
    • run by typing swift run

How to test your routes

Your browser will help you only for simple GET routes so prefer using a REST client of your choice.

If you don't have any yet, I suggest you to get Postman which is free.

Here is a shared collection

Build a simple CRUD service

  • Open App/EventApp.xcworkspace and build&run the app to see the app for which you're going to build the backend
  • Then open the server app located in Server regarding your configuration
    • These are the route already implemented:
      • [x] GET /v1/talks Gets all
      • [x] POST /v1/talks Add a create route
      • [x] DELETE /v1/talks/:id Delete by id route

Try it now

  • [ ] GET /v1/talks/:id Add a get by id route
  • [ ] PUT /v1/talks/:id Add an update route

Share your model with your app

  • Clone the new repo git@github.com:iGranDav/frenchkit-swift-shared.git which contains the basics for your new library
    • a Package.swift file for Swift Package Manager (to use on the server)
    • a Podspec file for CocoaPods (to user with iOS)

It's your turn

  • [ ] Integrate the library server-side
  • [ ] Integrate the library on iOS
  • [ ] Activate network calls on iOS

Unit testing your vapor server

Unit testing requires a few helpers that I've already included for you on the testing target. You may have to write some others.

Please complete the test coverage

Now please add unit tests to test the routes you've added earlier.

Testing on linux using docker

Foundation you use on macOS with cocoa is not the same source code than the one you use on linux. Your server will certainly runs on linux so you need to test on it!

Docker permits that by using a Dockerfile to run swift test on a linux container.

XCTest is implemented on linux but needs extra code since it won't use the Objective-C runtime to list all testing methods.

To test

  • [ ] Run docker build . into the Server directory to build the image
  • [ ] Run the image you've just built docker run <image id>

web.Dockerfile is unused here, it's an example of a production Dockerfile which uses one image to build and another to execute.

Going further

  • [ ] Add a Speaker relation to the Talk (and adapt the iOS app)
  • [ ] Add a Event entity which contains Talks and Speakers, a Speaker can be a part of several Events (and adapt the iOS app)


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