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Hummingbird running inside an AWS Lambda
.package(url: "https://github.com/hummingbird-project/hummingbird-lambda.git", from: "0.3.1")

Hummingbird Lambda

Run Hummingbird inside an AWS Lambda


Create struct conforming to HBLambda. Setup your application in the init function: add your middleware, add route handlers etc

struct MyHandler: HBLambda {
    // define input and output
    typealias In = APIGateway.Request
    typealias Out = APIGateway.Response
    init(_ app: HBApplication) {
        app.router.get("hello") { _ in
            return "Hello"

Lambda.run { context in
    return HBLambdaHandler<MyHandler>(context: context)

The In and Out types define your input and output objects. If you are using an APIGateway REST interface to invoke your Lambda then set these to APIGateway.Request and APIGateway.Response respectively. If you are using an APIGateway HTML interface then set these to APIGateway.V2.Request and APIGateway.V2.Response. If you are using any other In/Out types you will need to implement the request(context:application:from:) and output(from:) methods yourself.


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Release Notes

12 weeks ago
  • Allow HBLambda.init to throw errors
  • CI now uses swift 5.4

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