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hummingbird-project/hummingbird-compression 0.5.0
Compression support for Hummingbird server framework
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iOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/hummingbird-project/hummingbird-compression.git", from: "0.5.0")

Hummingbird Compression

Adds request decompression and response compression to Hummingbird


let app = HBApplication()
// run response compression on application thread pool when buffer is 
// larger than 32768 bytes otherwise run it on the eventloop
app.addResponseCompression(execute: .onThreadPool(threshold: 32768))
// run request decompression on eventloop with no limit to the size
// of data that can be decompressed
app.addRequestDecompression(execute: .onEventLoop, limit: .none)

Adding request decompression means when a request comes in with header content-encoding set to gzip or deflate the server will attempt to decompress the request body. Adding response compression means when a request comes in with header accept-encoding set to gzip or deflate the server will compression the response body.


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Release Notes

10 weeks ago

Update to hummingbird v0.13.0 Fix up after changes to hummingbird symbol exports

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