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holzschu/network_ios v0.2
Extension to ios_system, doing network-based commands
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.package(url: "https://github.com/holzschu/network_ios.git", from: "v0.2")

network_ios: network related commands for ios_system

Platform: iOS Build Status

ios_system is a replacement for system() that is compatible with AppStore rules and the iOS programming API. Commands are provided as dynamic libraries and loaded as they are required by the user.

ios_system itself contains basic commands, operating on files (ls, mv, rm, tar, curl, grep...) More advanced commands are provided separately. network_ios is one of these extensions. To use it, just compile it and add it to the list of embedded libraries in your app (on top of all the libraries generated by ios_system, of course). There is no change to make to ios_system: if the libnetwork_ios.dylib is present, it will execute the commands. Otherwise, it won't (but that's hardly surprising).

Commands available in this package:

  • ping
  • nc (netcat)
  • nslookup
  • host
  • dig
  • telnet
  • whois

If you run them inside OpenTerm, the interactive versions work. I can't speak for other applications.

How to compile:

run ./compile_network_ios.sh: this will create the binary framework network_ios.xcframework, which you can use in any Xcode project.

How to link:

Add this project as a Swift package dependency to your Xcode project, then embed the network_ios.xcframework framework.


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Release Notes

Release v0.2
3 years ago

Release notes:

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network_ios.xcframework.zip 18e96112ae86ec39390487d850e7732d88e446f9f233b2792d633933d4606d46

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