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A print renderer for Swift to ease HTML documents to be converted into pdfs.

It's usually difficult to setup a UIPrintPageRenderer and UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter to render html to pdf while respecting the differences html layout has to printed/paged media.


You can use the default print settings, or tweak it to your render needs with some minor changes.

Making a Print Manager

import HTMLPrint

let html = <html><body><p>Hello, World!</p></body></html>
let printManager = PrintManager(html: html, size: .letter, orientation: .landscape, dpi: .dpi300)
// configure print manager settings -> Insets, PaperSize, PaperOrientation, DPI

Making a Print Renderer

let renderer = PrintRenderer(offsetX: printManager.insetX)
renderer.tintShade = UIColor.cyan
renderer.showsFooterLine = true
// configure print render settings -> TintShade, BufferHeight, HeaderLine, FooterLine, MarginText

Create Render Attributes

let attributes: [NSAttributedString.Key: Any] = [
    NSAttributedString.Key.font: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 8),
    NSAttributedString.Key.foregroundColor: UIColor.orange

let leftFoot = MarginText(text: "Left Foot", verticalPosition: .footer, horizontalPosition: .left, baselinePosition: .baseline)
let rightHead = MarginText(text: "Right Head", verticalPosition: .header, horizontalPosition: .right, baselinePosition: .center)
rightHead.attributes = attributes
renderer.marginTexts = [leftFoot, rightHead]

Rendering PDF Data

let pdfData = printManager.getPDFData(renderer: renderer)
// returns rendered pdf as Data object
// can be emailed or saved to disk as application/pdf


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