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What is in this repository

HMCryptoKit source code in Swift, that can be made into a framework by swift build (macOS and Linux only), or through Xcode. Using the latter allows additionally to build for iOS, tvOS or watchOS.

In addition, if using this as a dependency with Swift Package Manager, the suitable architecture is handled by Xcode.

Lastly, there's a command-line tool for executing cryptographic commands related to High-Mobility's system.

Framework Usage

For iOS, it's recommended to build the universal framework - thus enabling running on a simulator as well.
There's an AppStoreCompatible.sh script for thinning the framework before submission to iTC.

For macOS and Linux, executing swift build and using the product is recommended (use the --show-bin-path option to get the output path).

For other Apple platforms, the universal framework can be made with lipo from Xcode's simulator and device products. When creating a universal one, the module maps need to be copied as well.

Parser Usage

Simply execute ./HMCryptoKitCLT [input] on the command-line.

Input must be in hex.
The tool outputs data if the inputs were suitable, an error is returned otherwise.

-h, --help: Print the help for a command
-d, --dev: Output hexadecimal array: 0xA1, 0xB2, 0xC3...



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1.2.14 - Dec 2, 2019

Found a workaround for iOS 13 shared key generation. Fixes a crash on pre-13 devices.

1.2.13 - Oct 29, 2019

Fixed shared key generation on iOS 13.0+

1.2.12 - Oct 15, 2019

Fix for signature creation (Collection's mutation error).

Proper Xcode 11 release.

1.2.11 - Sep 17, 2019

Updated for Xcode 11 GM2. Added XCFramework building script (and removed the "old" universal scripts). Removed the HMECKey typealias (use SecKey now) to make the XCFramework usable.

1.2.10 - Sep 11, 2019

Updated for Xcode 11 GM and Swift 5.1