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highcharts/highcharts-ios v10.3.3
iOS wrapper for Highcharts.
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🕓 6 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
6 weeks ago
# Version 10.3.3 ## Framework: 1. Added `/es5` path for legacy script files on `code.highcharts.com` and in the npm package, see #18070. 2. Added new option, `exporting.allowTableSorting`, to allow turning off sorting of the data table. See #18007. ## Framework upgrade notes: 1. In Highcharts version 11, released at the earliest March 1 2023, the main script files at `code.highcharts.com` and npm will be compiled for evergreen browsers. This includes files like `highcharts.js`, `modules/exporting.js`, `accessibility.js` etc. Should you need to continue supporting browsers more than three years old, like IE11, we will provide legacy script files in the `/es5` folder. These files are now available, and we recommend you do the switch before the release of version 11. See a `live example`, or read the details at #18070. 2. Lollipop series data values should now be given as `y`, not as `low`. See `live demo`. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Inheritance refactor of Lollipop series, #14103. 2. Fixed #17888, plot line labels with `align: 'right'` and `textAlign: 'left'` weren't displayed. Added clip option for labels to allow displaying outside the plot area. 3. Refactored how the position of stack labels is calculated. Closed #16764, #12133, #15129 and #17116. 4. Fixed #17998, setting linecap wasn't reflected in legend items. 5. Fixed #14114, color axis marker color did not get applied to most series in styled mode. 6. Fixed #16274, custom marker symbol size was not being updated. 7. Fixed #18212, long treemap data labels with `useHTML` set to `true` were wrongly positioned. 8. Fixes #18147, some data labels weren't rendered correctly in polar charts. 9. Fixed issue with series label overlapping data labels. 10. Fixed #16944, wrong tooltip position when using the `positioner` callback and `outside: true`. 11. Fixed #18168, legend item was mispositioned if the related series was located at the top of the chart and proximate layout was enabled. 12. Fixed #17948, the tooltip position was bad when yAxis.reversedStacks was set to `false`. 13. Fixed #17314, chart.alignThresholds and stacking were not working correctly together. 14. Fixed #18116, the central data label in sunburst series was too short. 15. Fixed #18080, hovering over area range points after zoom reset was throwing errors. 16. Fixed #18145, boost module couldn't render series with colour set to grey. 17. Fixed #18127, a regression causing an unintended border on data labels when setting `backgroundColor` and `borderColor` but no explicit `borderWidth`. 18. Fixed #17856, line color in hover state did not work as expected in heatmap. 19. Fixed #17933, x axis labels had incorrect styling after drilling down. 20. Fixed #17963, breadcrumbs' position and display were incorrect when scrollablePlotArea was enabled. 21. Fixed #17970, wrong color on heatmap point when updating from `null` to a valid number.
16 weeks ago
# Version 10.3.2 ## Framework: 1. Refactored and simplified series group inversion logic. It is now simpler and more lightweight, and allows animating the transition between a non-inverted and inverted chart. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Fixed #17815, the tooltip didn't receive styling from `series.options.className` in `styledMode`. 2. Fixed #17957, data labels disappeared on point hover when `marker.enabled` was set to false. 3. Fixed #17991, adding an invisible series caused error upon attempted exiting of fullscreen, when pattern-fill was set. 4. Fixed regressions with missing tooltip on organization chart and sankey chart nodes after v10.3.0. 5. Fixed #17753, removed not allowed `<` symbol from attributes. 6. Fixed #17902, in stacked waterfalls, the `x` value was not available for the context of `stackLabels.formatter`. 7. Fixed #12133, stack labels alignment was wrong when scrollablePlotArea was enabled. 8. Fixed #17878, column series cursor was incorrect after `plotOptions` update. 9. Fixed #12416, tooltip did not update when scrolling scrollable plot area. 10. Fixed #17952, added TypeScript support to package files in `es-module/masters`. 11. Removed stroke/stroke-width workaround for older browser bug.
20 weeks ago
# Version 10.3.1 ## Framework: 1. Added new feature, `zooming on polar charts`. See #16992. 2. Added new feature, `series.label.useHTML` to support HTML formatting in series labels. See #17282. 3. Made the legend items of venn diagrams list the names of points instead of the names of series, see #17113. 4. Changed the `default values` for dependency wheel data label vertical positioning. 5. Files of v10.3.0 were missing from npm. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Fixed #17839, spacebar would not toggle items in the legend when using the accessibility module. 2. Fixed #17538, export failed in Firefox using styled mode and CSS variables. 3. Fixed #17315, item series custom marker was stretched after redrawing. 4. Fixed #14226, auto rotation of tick labels didn't work when step set to 1. 5. Fixed #17685, the tooltip sometimes got stuck when combining the `useHTML` and `stickOnContact` options. 6. Fixed #17177, updating `tooltip.followTouchMove` didn't work. 7. Fixed #17785, a regression causing drag and drop of bubbles between packed bubble groups to fail. 8. Fixed #17630, making it possible to display percentage values when hovering over a boosted stacked point. 9. Fixed #17288, pie chart shadows were not applied on update. 10. Fixed #17639, exporting feature was removing duplicated points. 11. Fixed #17677, a regression causing text and outline out of alignment for sunburst data labels. 12. Fixed #17610, `centerInCategory` did not consider columns with the same x-value when centering them.
24 weeks ago
# Version 10.2.1 ## iOS: 1. Added SwiftUI demo project and how to use Highcharts with SwiftUI into the readme. ## Framework: 1. Refactored zoom options, introduced new object structure as `chart.zooming`. 2. Added `Highcharts.Series.types` and `Series.registerType(type, class)` for custom series, see #17551. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Fixed #17413, data labels contrast color omitted the chart background. 2. Fixed #17547; if `chart.zoomType` option is set, boosted rendering will not be forced as long as threshold is not reached. 3. Fixed #17627, single quoted attributes were not recognized and caused color style not to apply in tooltips. 4. Fixed #15752, arearange didn’t work in parallel coordinates. 5. Fixed #17442, color axis data classes were not keyboard navigable. 6. Fixed #17438, updating points with the category axis gave the wrong x position. 7. Fixed #17486, `bubbleZExtremes` was not removed when the bubble series was removed. 8. Fixed #17481, zones clip was incorrectly calculated and the line was partially missing when `scrollablePlotArea` was enabled. 9. Fixed #17484, changed the link opacity on hover in organization series. 10. Fixed #17472, shared tooltip did not work in polar charts. 11. Fixed #17359, `stickyTracking` was not respected correctly for polar charts. 12. Fixed #17401, console error from accessibility module when using numeric point id.
37 weeks ago
# Version 10.2.0 ## iOS: 1. Added Mac Catalyst support to the main framework, #398 ## Framework: 1. Added option to sort the chart data table by clicking the column headers. See #16972. 2. Added RTL support for breadcrumbs, see #17340. 3. Added new feature, `series.onPoint`, allowing to display some series types (e.g. pie) over a point with a given id. See #12526. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Fixed #17273, data labels did not always have enough contrast. Ensured maximum contrast according to W3C's relative luminance. 2. Fixed #12206, `xAxis.labels.y` did not adapt to multiline labels when `xAxis.opposite` was true. 3. Fixed #17281, an error in console when bubble with custom marker exceeded the `zThreshold`. 4. Fixed #17285, made the `opacity` property work for different states in the `sankey` series. 5. Fixed #17167, legend title didn't hide when chart data was empty. 6. Fixed #17336, hover state was only applied once to buttons. 7. Fixed #11816, in gauge series, added dial `path` into API documentation. 8. Fixed #17352, the tooltip was not visible after updating `scrollablePlotArea`. 9. Fixed #17381, generic class names in data table conflicted with commonly used classes in CSS. 10. Fixed #17186, CSV rows were missing delimiters when data was missing at the end of a row. 11. Fixed #17236, timeout for accessibility module warning caused test issues.
44 weeks ago
# Version 10.1.0 ## iOS: 1. Added Mac Catalyst support, #398 ## Framework: 1. Added `allowMutatingData` chart property to prevent data mutation while updating series or point. See #4259. 2. Added new option, `accessibility.point.describeNull`. 3. Added new fullscreen events, `fullscreenOpen` and `fullscreenClose`, callback functions to modify chart options during toggle fullscreen mode. See #16968. 4. Added warning by default when the `accessibility.js` module is not loaded. 5. Added new option, `accessibility.series.descriptionFormat`. 6. Improved the theme colors for high contrast light and high contrast dark to show more hue variance. 7. Reduced verbosity of accessibility information by default. 8. Changed the default value of `SVGElement.show`'s `inherit` argument to `true`. 9. Added option to remember keyboard focus for points: `accessibility.keyboardNavigation.seriesNavigation.rememberPointFocus`. 10. Added new option `pie.thickness` describing thickness ring of pie. This option takes precedence over `pie.innerSize`. See #6647. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Fixed #8324, an error was thrown when calling `drillUp()` after `chart.applyDrilldown()`. 2. Fixed #17188, an incorrect breadcrumbs list was generated when drilling down the axis category. 3. Improved default behavior of accessibility module with axis descriptions as well as landmark roles. 4. Fixed #15178, warning of invalid attribute for Reset Zoom button. 5. Fixed #17146, a regression in v10 with parsing of HTML with inline style rules containing a colon. 6. Fixed #14320, the table was not re-rendered after a data update. 7. Part of #15863, the scrollbar is no longer initially rendered with `y: -9999`. 8. Fixed #9687, vertical data label suppressed when close to the right edge of the plot area. 9. Fixed #17100, excessive padding in some cases when `tickAmount` was set. 10. Fixed #16921, regression causing the wrong size of a hovered heatmap cell after zooming in.
51 weeks ago
# Version ## iOS: 1. Fixed #396, call an export method causing chart not to redrawing.
1 year ago
# Version 10.0.0 ## iOS: 1. Fixed #383, export methods no longer working. 2. Fixed #392, added missing fields to `HIPoint` class. ## Framework: 1. Adde new series type, arc diagram. 2. Added breadcrumbs functionality for drilldown charts as well as hierarchical series like treemaps and sunburst. This replaces the drill-up and traverse-up buttons. 3. Added new feature chart.alignThresholds for aligning the thresholds in charts with multiple axes. 4. Added new options hangingIndentTranslation and minNodeLength for Organization chart, for improving the layout of deep structures. See #13915. 5. Added new option `Highcharts.AST.bypassHTMLFiltering` for disabling AST filtering. 6. Added option, boost.pixelRatio, providing Retina and device pixel ratio support to the Boost module. 7. Added `areaspline` series to the supported series in the Boost module, see #8288. ## Framework upgrade notes: 1. In an organization chart, children of a parent with `hanging` layout will now inherit this layout. To prevent this, set `layout = "normal"` for these nodes. 2. The drilldown.drillUpButton options set is deprecated and replaced by drilldown.breadcrumbs. Some but not all settings are backwards compatible. See our demo of mimicking the legacy button style with breadcrumbs. The same is true for treemap.traverseUpButton. 3. The offline exporting module now requires version 2 of jsPDF and version 2 of svg2pdf when exporting to PDF. Our own CDN, downloads and packages are updated, but if you're loading old releases from elsewhere, it will fail. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Fixed #15133, data labels were missing the fade-in effect upon drilling down. 2. Fixed #16470, setting custom drag handle cursor in options. 3. Fixed #16873, Windows High Contrast Mode not detected in non-Microsoft browsers. 4. Migrated global win to window. This will mask the global window object in every Highcharts bundle, so that always `Highcharts.win === window`. 5. Fixed #16788, accessibility issue with some columns not being focusable because of wrong `point.isInside` flag. 6. Fixed #16431, data points were trimmed due to axis floating-point rounding. 7. Fixed #16979, only one point per x value was shown when stacking set to `percent`. 8. Fixed #16974, esc keypress keyboard focus issue with multiple charts on the same page. 9. Fixed #16818, issue with keyboard navigation and legend.labelFormatter. 10. Fixed #14175, enabling and disabling dataLabels.rotation misplaced data label's position. 11. Fixed #16474, added missing click event callback on sides of the 3D pie slices. 12. Fixed #16893, series.findNearestPointBy set to `xy` was not working well with Boost. 13. Fixed #16791, exporting a chart in styled mode on Safari v15 produced a black image. 14. Fixed #11712, in node-based series types like dependency wheel and network graph, calling `node.update()` in the afterAnimate event would throw errors. 15. Fixed #16339, keyboard focus management issues with fullscreen change. 16. Fixed #16884, smarter defaults for accessible point descriptions. 17. Fixed #16045, tooltip with opacity was not fully hidden when hovering over a reset zoom button. 18. Fixed #6417, added support for non-ASCII characters (Chinese, Russian etc) in exported PDF via the new exporting.pdfFont property. 19. Fixed issues with data.enablePolling and Google Sheets. 20. Fixed issue with data module updates when `dataGrouping` options were present. 21. Fixed #16820, adding drilldown series on point mouseover threw an error. 22. Fixed #16169, stack order was affected when centerInCategory enabled and `reversedStacks` set to false. 23. Fixed #16479, `resetZoomButton` was not visible after drilling up to a level with zoom. 24. Fixed #16568, setting `data` options with `Highcharts.setOptions` did not work. 25. Fixed #16135, after drill-up, the series did not go back to its original state. 26. Fixed #16589, SVG export broken when accessibility module was included. 27. Fixed issue on mobile where a point would be highlighted visually after drilldown with a11y module loaded. 28. Fixed keyboard nav issues #16633, #16634, #16625. 29. Fixed legend keyboard navigation issues #16520, #16545, #16467. 30. Fixed #16497, legend keyboard navigation caused page scroll with container scaling. 31. Fixed #10525, setting tickPositions to `undefined` didn't clear options. 32. Fixed #16697, legend item style changed when using the keyboard to focus it. 33. Fixed #16596, the first column point of categorized x-axis wasn't draggable.
1 year ago
# Version 9.3.2 ## iOS: 1. Fixed export methods issue, #383 ## Framework: 1. Added support for `Trusted Types`, a browser standard for preventing cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. ## Framework bug fixes: 1. Fixed `#16398`, spacing was incorrect for legend items without a name. 2. Fixed issue with data module updates with `firstRowAsNames` enabled. 3. Fixed `#16665`, a regression causing updating of `dataLabels.useHTML` not to take effect. 4. Fixed `#16562`, Windows high contrast mode keyboard navigation issues.
1 year ago
# Version 9.3.1 ## iOS: 1. Added XCFramework Support via CocoaPods, #379 ## Framework: No changes for the basic Highcharts package.

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