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happn-app/HPNSwizzling 1.0.2
A method-swizzling that works.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/happn-app/HPNSwizzling.git", from: "1.0.2")


Platforms SPM compatible License happn

A swizzling that works.


Either via SPM (recommended), or by copying NSObject+HPNSwizzling.{h,m} into your project.

Important Note

The repository does have an xcodeproj with a shared scheme for debug purposes. The project might be compatible with Carthage–or not. It is not officially supported but might work for you.


@import HPNSwizzling; /* If installed via SPM. */

@implementation NSView (MyViewAdditions)

static void MySetFrame(id self, SEL _cmd, CGRect frame);
static void (*OriginalSetFrame)(id self, SEL _cmd, CGRect frame);

static void MySetFrame(id self, SEL _cmd, CGRect frame) {
   // ***** CUSTOM WORK HERE *****
   OriginalSetFrame(self, _cmd, frame);
   // ***** OR HERE *****

+ (void)load
   CHECKED_SWIZZLE(NSView, setFrame:, MySetFrame, OriginalSetFrame);


Developers Notes

The include folder in the HPNSwizzling source code folder is there for SPM-compatibility. It contains a special HPNSwizzling.h umbrella header and a soft link to the other header.


This project was originally created by François Lamboley while working at happn.


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Release Notes

HPNSwizzling 1.0.2
3 years ago

Carthage support dropped.

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