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HCaptcha SDK for iOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/hCaptcha/HCaptcha-ios-sdk.git", from: "1.5.3")


Carthage compatible Version Platform

Add hCaptcha to your project. This library automatically handles hCaptcha's events and retrieves the validation token or notifies you to present the challenge if invisibility is not possible.

Warning ⚠️

To properly secure your application, you will still need to send the token received here to your server for server-side validation via the siteverify endpoint on hcaptcha.com.


HCaptcha may eventually be available through CocoaPods and Carthage.

It is currently packaged for both.

To install it, simply add the following line to your dependencies file:


pod "HCaptcha"
# or
pod "HCaptcha/RxSwift"


github "hCaptcha/HCaptcha"

Carthage will create two different frameworks named HCaptcha and HCaptcha_RxSwift, the latter containing the RxSwift extension for the HCaptcha framework.


The hCaptcha keys can be specified as Info.plist keys or can be passed as parameters when instantiating HCaptcha().

For the Info.plist configuration, add HCaptchaKey and HCaptchaDomain (with a protocol ex. http:// or https://) to your Info.plist and run:

let hcaptcha = try? HCaptcha()

override func viewDidLoad() {

    hcaptcha?.configureWebView { [weak self] webview in
        webview.frame = self?.view.bounds ?? CGRect.zero

func validate() {
    hcaptcha?.validate(on: view) { [weak self] (result: HCaptchaResult) in
        print(try? result.dematerialize())

If instead you prefer to keep the information out of the Info.plist, you can use:

let hcaptcha = try? HCaptcha(
    apiKey: "YOUR_HCAPTCHA_KEY", 
    baseURL: URL(string: "YOUR_HCAPTCHA_DOMAIN")!


You can also install the reactive subpod and use it with RxSwift:

hcaptcha.rx.validate(on: view)
    .subscribe(onNext: { (token: String) in
        // Do something

Setting the host override

Since this SDK uses a local HTML file, you will want to set a host override for better tracking and enforcement of siteverify parameters.

In HCaptcha/Classes/HCaptcha.swift, change:

let jsargs = "?onload=onloadCallback&render=explicit&host=ios-sdk.hcaptcha.com"


let jsargs = "?onload=onloadCallback&render=explicit&host=ios-sdk.YOUR-DOMAIN.com"

Alternate endpoint

If you are an Enterprise user with first-party hosting access, you will need to set your own endpoint.

You can then enable it in your code:

public enum Endpoint {
    case default, alternate

let hcaptcha = try? HCaptcha(endpoint: .alternate) // Defaults to `default` when unset

after setting your URI in HCaptcha/Classes/HCaptcha.swift: altjsurl variable.

Enabling the visible checkbox flow

This iOS SDK assumes by default that you want an "invisible" checkbox, i.e. that triggering the hCaptcha flow from within your app should either return a token or show the user a challenge directly.

If you instead want the classic "normal" or "compact" checkbox behavior of showing a checkbox to tick and then either closing or showing a challenge, you can pass size to HCaptcha initializer.

let hcaptcha = try? HCaptcha(size: .compact)

And you will now get the desired behavior.


HCaptcha is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Q. I'm getting a "Could not load embedded HTML" exception. What does it mean? A. Most likely you have not included an asset in your build. Please double-check this, and see the example app for more details.

Q. I'm getting "xcconfig: unable to open file" after upgrading the SDK. (Or changing SDK and running Example app.) A: In your app or the Example app dir, run pod deintegrate && pod install to refresh paths.


Originally forked from fjcaetano's ReCaptcha IOS SDK, licensed under MIT.


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