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gotranseo/oneroster 2.0.4
A Swift library for interacting with the OneRoster API
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.package(url: "https://github.com/gotranseo/oneroster.git", from: "2.0.4")


A Vapor package for interacting with a OneRoster v1.1 JSON IMS API.

What is OneRoster?

OneRoster is a standard developed by IMS Global that specifies how technology providers can communicate with technology repositories of student data. It can be used to auto-populate products when a school subscribes, roster students, and pull grade/demographic information. We built this library to make it easier to interact with.


OneRoster is available through SPM. To install it, simply add the following to the dependencies array in your Package.swift file:

.package(url: "https://github.com/gotranseo/oneroster.git", from: "2.0.0")

Don't forget to also add it to your target's dependencies:

.product(name: "OneRoster", package: "OneRoster")


To obtain a client for making OneRoster endpoint requests, call Application.oneRoster(baseURL:) or Request.oneRoster(baseURL:). If you are calling a server which requires OAuth 1 authorization, use, the .oauth1OneRoster(baseURL:clientId:clientSecret:) method. For an OAuth 2 server, use .oauth2OneRoster(baseURL:clientId:clientSecret:):

let imsURL = URL(string: "https://ims-server-here/")!
let noAuthClient = req.oneRoster(baseURL: imsURL)
let oauth1Client = req.oauth1OneRoster(baseURL: imsURL, clientId: "my-client-id", clientSecret: "my-client-secret")
let oauth2Client = req.oauth2OneRoster(baseURL: imsURL, clientId: "my-client-id", clientSecret: "my-client-secret")

Due to the way OneRoster's API is specified, we are forced to have two different request methods: .request(_:as:filter:) for requesting single entities, and request(_:as:offset:limit:filter:) for requesting arrays of entities. For example, to call the getAllSchools endpoint:

let data = try client.request(.getAllSchools, as: OneRoster.SchoolsResponse.self, limit: 100, offset: 0)

To call a single-entity endpoint, such as getSchool:

let school = try client.request(.getSchool(id: "1"), as: OneRoster.SchoolResponse.self)



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Release Notes

Switch to Foundation networking for all requests
2 weeks ago
  • Implement and use Vapor.Client conformance for URLSession (#8)

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