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Google Toolbox for Mac - Session Fetcher

Google Toolbox for Mac - Session Fetcher

Project site https://github.com/google/gtm-session-fetcher
Discussion group http://groups.google.com/group/google-toolbox-for-mac

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GTMSessionFetcher makes it easy for Cocoa applications to perform http operations. The fetcher is implemented as a wrapper on NSURLSession, so its behavior is asynchronous and uses operating-system settings on iOS and Mac OS X.

Features include:

  • Simple to build; only one source/header file pair is required
  • Simple to use: takes just two lines of code to fetch a request
  • Supports upload and download sessions
  • Flexible cookie storage
  • Automatic retry on errors, with exponential backoff
  • Support for generating multipart MIME upload streams
  • Easy, convenient logging of http requests and responses
  • Supports plug-in authentication such as with GTMAppAuth
  • Easily testable; self-mocking
  • Automatic rate limiting when created by the GTMSessionFetcherService factory class
  • Fully independent of other projects


Stars: 150
Last commit: 3 weeks ago


v1.5.0 Release - 2020-10-22T15:59:58

  • #197 - Revert "Work around early iOS 13 betas still in use."
  • #198 - Check a service exists before marking created NSURLSession as shared.
  • #204 - Add the clientWillReconnectBackgroundSession property to GTMSessionFetcher.
  • Xcode 12 minimum iOS version issues (move minimum OS in some files to iOS 9, but older ones should still work if using older Xcode versions and your own project file)
  • #207 - Protect access to the taskid to deal with different threads.