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Auth Library for Swift

This project contains Swift packages that can be used to write command-line tools and cloud services that use OAuth to authenticate and authorize access to remote services.

Currently these packages support OAuth1 and OAuth2. They are designed to work on OS X systems and on Linux systems that are running in the Google Cloud.

  • On OS X systems, OAuth tokens can be obtained using the locally-installed browser and a local web server that is automatically run in the command-line client.

  • On Linux systems, OAuth tokens can be obtained automatically from the Google Cloud Metadata Service.

  • On both Linux and OS X systems, OAuth tokens can be obtained automatically for Google Cloud Service Accounts.

Usage and Examples

Sources/Examples contains examples that illustrate OAuth1 and OAuth2 signin for various services. Each requires valid application credentials to run. See the various service providers for details.

Services look for OAuth configuration information in "credentials" YAML files that are expected to be in $HOME/.credentials. Sample credentials files are in credentials and include client IDs, client secrets, and OAuth service URLs.

When OAuth services require registered callback URLs, these should be set to http://localhost:8080/SERVICE/callback where SERVICE is specified in the corresponding credentials YAML file. The temporary web server runs locally on port 8080.



This is work in progress toward great server-side Swift software. Please take care when using this in production projects: always refer to a tagged version and be aware that interfaces may change in future releases.


We'd love to collaborate on this. See CONTRIBUTING.md for details.


Copyright 2017, Google Inc.


Released under the Apache 2.0 license.