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gokatch/amazon-chime-spm v0.22.0
An iOS client library for integrating multi-party communications powered by the Amazon Chime service.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/gokatch/amazon-chime-spm.git", from: "v0.22.0")

Amazon Chime Spm

Original repository: https://github.com/aws/amazon-chime-sdk-ios

Include Amazon Chime SDK in Your Project

To include the SDK binaries in your own project, follow these steps.

For the purpose of setup, your project's root folder (where you can find your .xcodeproj file) will be referred to as root.

1. Download Binaries

  • Download the AmazonChimeSDK and AmazonChimeSDKMedia binaries from the latest release.

  • Unzip AmazonChimeSDK and AmazonChimeSDKMedia

  • Open AmazonChimeSDK and AmazonChimeSDKMedia folders and zipped the .xcframework from each folders

2. Update Package.swift

  • Open the Package.swift and update the urllink (put the new version, it does not have to exist yet) and the checksums
  • Call this command on terminal and copy the value as the value of checksums
  • shasum -a 256 AmazonChimeSDKMedia.xcframework.zip
  • shasum -a 256 AmazonChimeSDK.xcframework.zip
  • Commit the changes to this Repo

3. Create tag and release on Github

  • Tag the commit with the same version number as you specified in the Package.swift
  • Create a release on Github from this tag and upload the AmazonChimeSDKMedia.xcframework.zip and AmazonChimeSDK.xcframework.zip files.

4. Update Katch SPM files

  • Open Katch Project
  • Run the build
  • If it's ran without issue, Congratulations you have completed updating the Chime release version


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