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Adds a shuffled() method to any implementor of Collection.

It shuffles the Collection as lazily as possible, without mutating the collection. The collection's indices are copied to an array, which in turn gets shuffled.

This allows the input collection to be indexed only. In general this should minimize memory allocation, for example in cases where the size of Element is greater than the size of Index.


import Shuffle

let a = Array(0...4)

var stats = Array<Array<Int>>(count: a.count, repeatedValue: Array(count: a.count, repeatedValue: 0))

(0..<8000).forEach {
  _ in
  for (i,j) in a.shuffled().enumerate()  // shuffled() used here
    stats[i][j] += 1

var sums = Array<Int>(count: a.count, repeatedValue: 0)
for total in stats
  let t = total.reduce(0, combine: +)
  for i in 0..<sums.count
    sums[i] += total[i]
  print(total, t)

The package also adds a mutating shuffle() method to implementors of MutableCollection. shuffle() shuffles the whole collection at once, trying to minimize memory usage.


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