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glassfy/ios-sdk 1.3.1
Open source SDK to quickly integrate subscriptions, stop worring about code maintenance, and getting advanced real-time data. Full support for iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, MacOS
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🕓 4 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
4 weeks ago
7 weeks ago
9 weeks ago
10 weeks ago
## Added - On `Glassfy`: ``` + (void)platformInfo:(GYPlatformCompletion)block; ``` ## Notes - Newly added api, allow to retrive platform specific info about the user. - Fix nullability on previously added connection API
11 weeks ago
## Added - On `Glassfy`: ``` + (void)connectPaddleLicenseKey:(NSString *)licenseKey force:(BOOL)force completion:(GYErrorCompletion)block; + (void)connectCustomSubscriber:(NSString *_Nullable)customId completion:(GYErrorCompletion)block; ``` ## Notes In current release, has been added paddle license key support as well as customSubscriber support.
14 weeks ago
17 weeks ago
## Added - On `Glassfy`: ``` + (void)setPurchaseDelegate:(id<GYPurchaseDelegate> _Nullable)delegate + (void)skuWithProductId:(NSString *)productid promotionalId:(NSString *)promoid completion:(GYSkuBlock)block ``` - On `GYPurchaseDelegate`: ``` - (void)handlePromotedProductId:(NSString *)productid withPromotionalId:(NSString *_Nullable)promoid purchaseHandler:(void (^)(GYPaymentTransactionBlock _Nullable))purchase - (void)didPurchaseProduct:(GYTransaction *)transaction ``` ## Renamed - On `GYOffering` property `identifier` renamed to `offeringId` - On `GYPermission` property `permissionIdentifier` renamed to `permissionId` - On `GYSku` property `identifier` renamed to `skuId` - On `GYTransaction` property `productIdentifier` renamed to `productId` - On `Glassfy` method `+ (void)skuWithIdentifier:(NSString *)skuid completion:(GYSkuBlock)block` renamed to `+ (void)skuWithId:(NSString *)skuid completion:(GYSkuBlock)block` ## Notes In current release, has been implemented `-paymentQueue:shouldAddStorePayment:forProduct:` of `SKPaymentTransactionObserver` to process promoted payment. The implementation, call methods on `GYPurchaseDelegate` if implemented otherwise return `true` and process the purchase automatically.
21 weeks ago
23 weeks ago
30 weeks ago
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