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Gladius Node

The full suite of Gladius binaries (Network Gateway, EdgeD, CLI, and Guardian) to run a node.

Current Build Status

  • Build Status - Node
  • Build Status - Network Gateway
  • Build Status - EdgeD
  • Build Status - CLI


Windows and macOS : https://gladius.io/download

  • Windows: Open gladius setup.exe and use the installer
  • macOS: Open the DMG and drag Gladius to the Applications folder

Linux : curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gladiusio/gladius-node/master/installers/install.sh | sudo bash

Forward Ports : All platforms by default need ports 8080 and 7947 forwarded to the node


Windows and macOS

  1. Download and install (see above)
  2. Open the Gladius application
  3. Follow the instructions in the user interface
  4. You can close the application and it will run in the background

Windows: To turn off the application completely use the task manager (Kill gladius-guardian/edged/network-gateway) this will be changed in next release.

macOS: To turn off the application completely use the menu bar (Right click Gladius -> Quit all)


  1. sudo gladius-guardian install (Install guardian as service)
  2. sudo gladius-guardian start (Start it as a service with systemd. It will start up automatically on reboot)
  3. gladius start (Instruct Guardian to start Gladius services. This needs to be done after reboot)
  4. gladius Use the CLI!


  1. Clone this repo, git clone git@github.com:gladiusio/gladius-node.git
  2. Navigate to the gladius-node directory
  3. Run docker-compose up to start services

Services via Docker should now be running. You will have to create / open a wallet before use via curl

NOTE: All install does is create a systemd service for the guardian, if you don't want to do that you can run it in a seperate window by calling gladius-guardian

Development and Contributions

If you would like to contribute to the project:

  1. Fork the repository you would like to edit (likely Network Gateway, EdgeD, CLI, or Guardian)
  2. Make your changes
  3. Make a pull request
  4. Send an email to cla@gladius.io to sign our Contributor Licensing Agreement

Building the Gladius Node from source

Our builds are done inside containers to allow easier cross platform CGO development, so you will need docker to build the binaries.

To change the git version (or git URL) that is checked out, modify the .env file. If you modify the directories or the URLs, you will want to run make docker-image to update the image.

  • First run make docker-image or docker pull gladiusio/node-env

  • To build (run with -j 4 to run these jobs in parallel)

    • make to build binaries for all supported operating systems
    • make binaries-<os> to build for a specific OS
  • To release

    • make releases to build all release tarballs

All output will be placed in your local ./build


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0.8.0 - Jan 31, 2019

New Features:

  • Added TLS support to the edged
  • Fixed a few issues with the P2P overlay
  • Improved content syncing
  • Docker images for every service
  • Updated readmes to reflect docker changes
  • Better logging
  • New CLI command for unlocking wallet

0.7.2 - Jan 1, 2019

This release addresses/adds:

  • Legion memory leaks
  • Streamlined build system
  • Added preliminary docker support

0.7.1 - Dec 18, 2018

  • Fixes a memory leak in Legion that would cause crashes on some machines
  • Removes about application menu
  • Tray icon in Windows

0.7.0 - Nov 30, 2018


Gladius Guardian service manager

  • Keeps track of Gladius services and makes it easy to start and stop as well as get logs
  • Simple REST API interface for management
  • Rebuilt P2P stack from the ground up using our own library Legion

Gladius Legion

  • Easy to use and extremely flexible api for any developer to build their own distributed applications in Go
    • GitHub read more features here

Overhauled UI

  • Added entire status page to manage services, view real time logs, and monitor the state of your node
  • Added version management so you can see when a new version is ready to be installed
  • Fixed balance checking
  • General improvements in reliability and usability

Redesigned config system

  • Config files are consistent across all of the Gladius modules
  • Config files missing sections will no longer be considered invalid

Master Node

  • Rewritten in C++
  • The masternode has been ported from Go to C++ to squeeze the maximum performance we can out of the hardware we run on.
  • Migrated our content delivery from an inline Javascript solution to a more elegant browser service worker (in future will allow for much faster loading through web assembly, compression, and interesting distributed applications)
  • Entire build system has been dockerized to make it much easier to develop across multiple platforms and systems
  • Renamed and refactored services to make development and contributions easier


  • Networkd -> Edged
  • Controld -> Network Gateway


  • Build process now clones repositories and calls their internal makefile to build and test
  • Broke out all common code into a new package called Gladius Common
  • All new build pipeline so releases are easier to create and distribute

macOS Application

  • Supports native service management
  • Improved menu bar item support
  • Wallet password can be stored in macOS keychain


  • Fixed issues with windows services not starting
  • Fixed windows icon not appearing
  • Improved windows installer
  • Issues binding to separate interfaces in Linux has been fixed
  • Migrated GladiusBase from .config/gladius to .gladius on macOS and Linux
  • General bug fixes and usability improvements
  • Added experimental UPNP support the the Network Gateway
  • Updated CLI to support changes in the Network Gateway

0.6.2 - Sep 13, 2018


  • Fixes UI bugs that prevent applying to the Gladius Pool
  • Other general electron bug fixes