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.package(url: "https://github.com/gintsmurans/SwiftCollection.git", from: "0.3.1")


Collection of various Swift sources: Controllers, Classes, Extensions, and more, that I have put together my self and from samples found while googling around.

Requires: Swift 4.2+


  • eArray.swift

    • removeObject() -> Remove object from array.
    • replaceNull() -> Replaces alll null(nil) objects.
    • categorise() -> Make dict from array based on key.
  • eAVAsset.swift

    • firstVideoFrameFromURL() -> Class method that returns instance of UIImage containing first frame of video asset loaded from the url specified by "url" parameter.
    • firstVideoFrame() -> Returns instance of UIImage containing first frame of current video asset.
    • videoFrameAt() -> Returns instance of UIImage containing frame at time specified by "seconds" parameter.
    • videoFrameAt() -> Returns instance of UIImage containing frame at time specified by "time" parameter.
  • eBundle.swift

    • pathForResource() -> Returns path for app's resources.
  • eDate.swift

    • dateComponents -> Access date's components.
    • format() -> Returns formatted string.
  • eDictionary.swift

    • jsonString() -> Returns jsonString made from current NSDictionary.
    • init() -> Inits NSDictionary object from json string.
    • replaceNull() -> Replaces all null(nil) elements.
  • eString.swift

    • containsOnly() -> Returns whether current string contains only characters in a set. passed as parameter.
    • isValidEmail() -> Validates email address.
  • eUIColor.swift

    • init(r: CGFloat, g: CGFloat, b: CGFloat, a: CGFloat) -> Helper to init UIColor based on RGBA value.
  • eUIImage.swift

    • init?(color: UIColor, size: CGSize) -> Init blank image with background color and size.
    • crop() -> Crop image to specific size.
    • cropToSquare() -> Crop image to squared size by searching the shortest first.
    • resize() -> Resize image based on size and ContentMode.
    • fixImageOrientation() -> Fix image orientation by rotating and setting its rotation tags as them should be.
  • eUINavigationController.swift

    • popViewControllerAnimatedWithHandler() -> Pop view controller animated + call completion handler after animation is done animating.
  • eUIView.swift

    • viewWithTagRecursive() -> Search for a view with tag recursively.


  • BasicSearchController - A template for a UITableView search controller.


  • CacheObject - Load, save, use data, currently only supports UserDefaults.standard.
  • CUIButton - Custom button that allows setting background colors for multiple button modes in interface builder.
  • PaddedUITextField - Add padding to UITextField.


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Last commit: 4 weeks ago

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