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gini/bank-sdk-pinning-ios 3.3.0
Release repo for Gini Bank SDK Pinning for iOS
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.package(url: "https://github.com/gini/bank-sdk-pinning-ios.git", from: "3.3.0")

Gini Bank SDK Pinning for iOS

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The Gini Bank SDK Pinning provides components for capturing, reviewing and analyzing photos of invoices and remittance slips. The SDK supports certificate pinning.

By integrating this SDK into your application you can allow your users to easily upload a picture of a document, review it and get analysis results from the Gini backend, create a payment and send it to the prefferable payment provider.


Further documentation with installation, integration or customization guides can be found in our website.

Example apps

Capture feature

You can find implementation example of the capture feature under 'GiniBankSDKExample' target. You need to specify the NSCameraUsageDescription key in your Info.plist file. This key is mandatory for all apps since iOS 10 when using the Camera framework.

Note: iOS 14 Starting in iOS 14, PhotoKit further enhances user privacy controls with the addition of the limited Photos library, which lets users select specific assets and resources to share with an app. Add an entry to your Info.plist file with the appropriate key. If your app only adds to the library, use the NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription key. For all other cases, use NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription.

In order to run the example app, clone the repo ,open the project file and Resolve Package Versions in Xcode File->Packages->Resolve Package Versions.

Payment feature

The banking example app demonstrates how to integrate the Gini Bank SDK. To run the apps, clone the repo, open the project file and Resolve Package Versions in Xcode File->Packages->Resolve Package Versions. To inject your API credentials into the Health and Bank example apps you need to fill in your credentials in HealthSDK/GiniHealthSDKExample/GiniHealthSDKExample/Credentials.plist and BankSDK/GiniBankSDKExample/GiniBankSDKExampleBank/Credentials.plist, respectively.

An example health app is available under the link Gini Health SDK's example. You can use the same Gini Bank API client credentials in the health example app as in your app, if not otherwise specified. The example business app initiates the payment flow.

The Gini Health SDK will use a payment provider which will open your banking app via the URL scheme you will set during the integration of the Gini Bank SDK.

To check the redirection from the example health app please run your banking app before running the health app.


  • iOS 12+
  • Xcode 12+

Note: In order to have better analysis results it is highly recommended to enable only devices with 8MP camera and flash. These devices would be:

  • iPhones with iOS 12 or higher.
  • iPad Pro devices (iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 have 8MP camera but no flash).


Gini GmbH, [email protected]


The Gini Bank SDK for iOS is licensed under a Private License. See the license for more info.

Important: Always make sure to ship all license notices and permissions with your application.


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Release Notes

2 weeks ago


  • Introduces the new configuration option: GiniBankConfiguration.shared.customResourceBundle . It can be used for overriding gini resources like images, colors, localized strings when main bundle is not used. If you have a modular CocoaPods app and use the resource_bundles podspec configuration, then please read this StackOverflow answer on how to get the correct Bundle instance.

Improvements, and bug fixes:

  • Fixes the tracking events on the Analysis screen. Introduced noResults event type when the analysis was fished with empty results. Please find the details here.
  • Adds a privacy manifest file for iOS 17+

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