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OPCUA Client built on top of Apple's SwiftNIO
.package(url: "https://github.com/gerardogrisolini/ZenOPCUA.git", from: "2.0.11")


Getting Started

Adding a dependencies clause to your Package.swift

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/gerardogrisolini/ZenOPCUA.git", from: "1.0.0")

Make client

import NIO
import ZenOPCUA

let eventLoopGroup = MultiThreadedEventLoopGroup(numberOfThreads: System.coreCount)
defer { try! eventLoopGroup.syncShutdownGracefully() }

let opcua = ZenOPCUA(
    endpoint: "opc.tcp://MacBook-Pro-di-Gerardo.local:53530/OPCUA/SimulationServer",
    reconnect: false,
    eventLoopGroup: eventLoopGroup

opcua.onHandlerRemoved = {
    print("OPCUA Client disconnected")
opcua.onErrorCaught = { error in

Connect to server

try opcua.connect().wait()


let items = try opcua.browse().wait()
for item in items {
    item.references.forEach { ref in
        print("\(ref.displayName.text): \(ref.nodeId)")

Read value

let reads = [ReadValue(nodeId: NodeIdNumeric(nameSpace: 0, identifier: 2258))]
let readed = try opcua.read(nodes: reads).wait()
print(readed.first?.variant.value ?? "nil")

Write value

let writes: [WriteValue] = [
        nodeId: NodeIdString(nameSpace: 5, identifier: "MyLevel"),
        value: DataValue(variant: Variant(value: Double(21.0)))
let writed = try opcua.write(nodes: writes).wait()

Subscribe and MonitoredItems

let items: [ReadValue] = [
    ReadValue(nodeId: NodeIdNumeric(nameSpace: 0, identifier: 2258), monitoredId: 1),
    ReadValue(nodeId: NodeIdString(nameSpace: 3, identifier: "Counter"), monitoredId: 2),
    ReadValue(nodeId: NodeIdString(nameSpace: 5, identifier: "MyLevel"), monitoredId: 3)

opcua.onDataChanged = { data in
    data.forEach { dataChange in
        dataChange.dataChangeNotification.monitoredItems.forEach { item in
            if let node = items.first(where: { $0.monitoredId == item.monitoredId }) {
                print("\(node.nodeId): \(item.value.variant.value)")

let subId = try opcua.createSubscription(requestedPubliscingInterval: 500).wait()
let results = try opcua.createMonitoredItems(subscriptionId: subId, itemsToCreate: items).wait()
results.forEach { result in
    print("createMonitoredItem: \(result.monitoredItemId) = \(result.statusCode)")

let deleted = try opcua.deleteSubscriptions(subscriptionIds: [subId]).wait()
deleted.forEach { result in
    print("deleteSubscription: \(result)")

Disconnect client

try OPCUA.disconnect().wait()


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