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garmin/fit-objective-c-sdk 21.126.0
Official Garmin FIT Objective-C SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/garmin/fit-objective-c-sdk.git", from: "21.126.0")

Swift and Objective-C

The FIT Objective-C SDK is implemented as a Swift package that can be used in projects that target OSX or iOS using Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C. The package includes tests that demonstrate how to use the SDK. These test programs are similar to the Cookbook recipes.

  • ActivityEncodeTests.swift: Demonstrates how to encode Activity Files.
  • DecodeWithBroadcasterTests.swift: Demonstrates decoding a FIT file using the Message Broadcaster and delegate methods.
  • SwiftDecoderTests.swift: Demonstrates how to decode FIT files with just a few lines of code by using the FITListener and FITMessages classes. These classes are available for Swift projects only.
  • FITDateTests.swift: Demonstrates how to work with the FITDate class.
  • FITTests.swift: Demonstrates using arrays, enums, strings, and subfields.

To run the tests, open /path/to/fit/sdk/objcpp/package.swift in Xcode. Then goto to the Test navigator and press ⌘U to run all of the tests.

Using the FIT Objective-C SDK

After the FIT Objective-C SDK package has been added as dependency, it can be used by importing the ObjcFIT module into the appropriate source files.

import ObjcFIT  // Swift
@import ObjcFIT // Objective C

When using the FITListener and FITMessages classes, the SwiftFIT module also needs to be imported. These classes are available for Swift projects only.

import SwiftFIT // Swift


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