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Machina for Dynamo

A Machina-based Dynamo package for robot control.


If you are not interested in the source code, just do the following:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Dynamo Studio. Open it.
  • Go to Packages > Search for a Package... and type Machina on the searchbox. You should be able to install the latest version.


There are a bunch of Dynamo files in the extra folder that comes with this package. You can find them if you go to Packages > Manage Packages..., then click on the options on the right of Machina and choose Show Root Directory. These files will help you understand how to setup a Machina project. I will write a dedicated walkthrough section sometime soon.

To understand the meaning of each Action node, please check the Walkthrough or Reference sections of Machina.

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Here are some videos of things you can do with Machina for Dynamo:


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