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GTSettingsManageable is a Swift protocol. Custom types that are meant to handle in-app settings and configuration should adopt it and use the provided methods to load, update, delete and perform other operations on settings.

Original settings should exist as a property list file in the app bundle, otherwise the adopting type's properties should come with initial, default values.

Settings file is stored in the Caches directory of the app and it's a property list (plist) file.


  • The adopting custom type must conform to Codable protocol.
  • Minimum required iOS version: 12.0.

Integrating GTSettingsManageable

To integrate GTSettingsManageable into your projects follow the next steps:

  1. Copy the repository URL to GitHub (it can be found by clicking on the Clone or Download button).
  2. Open your project in Xcode.
  3. Go to menu File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency....
  4. Paste the URL, select the package when it appears and click Next.
  5. In the Rules leave the default option selected (Up to Next Major) and click Next.
  6. Finally select the GTSettingsManageable package and select the Target to add to; click Finish.

Available API

- load()
- loadUsingSettingsFile()
- update()
- delete()
- reset()
- settingsURL()
- toDictionary()
- describeSettings()

Read the documentation of each method for more information and details.

Other Notes

More than one settings files can co-exist to an app. See the settingsURL() method's documentation for more information about naming. Also, it's recommended to:

  1. Use a singleton class as the custom type to represent settings. Using a shared instance app-wide makes accessing settings easier, it leads to reduced amount of code, and prevents from potential problems in comparison to having multiple instances of the settings type.
  2. Load settings in the AppDelegate right after the application's launch.

GTSettingsManageable is written in Swift 5.1.

Want to learn more? Read my tutorial at AppCoda where I'm building GTSettingsManageable protocol step by step.


GTSettingsManageable is provided under the MIT license by Gabriel Theodoropoulos.


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