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gabrieloc/roundrect v1.3.1
Conveniences for programmatically generating image assets and styling UIButton
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.package(url: "https://github.com/gabrieloc/roundrect.git", from: "v1.3.1")


Conveniences for programmatically generating image assets and styling UIButton.

Creating Images

The conveniences in ImageGeneration.swift allow images to be generated from a view, or given various style properties like fill, stroke, corner radius, etc. For example, to create a 3px/3px image with a 1px blue stroke and a single red fill:

let image = UIImage(
  fill: .red,
  stroke: (
    color: .blue, 
    width: 1

This image can be made resizable and applied to a UIButton, but since there is a lot of busywork associated with handling all the different states a button can have, the conveniences in ButtonStyle can be used instead. A combination of a button Style (eg. filled vs bordered) and Theme (eg. light or dark) can be provided when creating or modifying an existing UIButton:

let button = UIButton(
  style: .filled(
    cornerRadius: 8

This will yield a button with a tintable fill and a corner radius of 8.

API exists for an explicit theme to be provided, but it's marked as obsolete as of iOS13 in favour of light/dark mode provided by UIInterfaceStyle.


Snapshot tests are recorded with the iOS 14.4 iPhone 12 simulator using the Swift Snapshot Testing library.


<iOS13 variations with explicit themes

iOS13+ variations for light and dark mode

light dark


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