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A simple command line tool for sorting and syncing an Xcode project file.

  • Groups can be sorted (recursively if desired) either alphabetically or by type.
  • Groups can be synchronized (recursively if desired) with their on disk folder. This will add new files and folders and delete ones that are no longer present.


Use the included Makefile, otherwise you'll need to include a few build options to make the tool build using macOS 10.11+ (instead of Swift Package Managers hardcoded macOS 10.10).


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0.3.3 - Jun 7, 2019

0.3.1 - Jun 6, 2019

0.3.0 - Dec 11, 2018

Initial re-release (renamed from Bullwinkle).

  • Updated XcodeProject version
  • sort command split into group-sort and phase-sort