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funky-monkey/IsoCountryCodes 1.0.2
Provides ISO codes, names and currencies for countries.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/funky-monkey/IsoCountryCodes.git", from: "1.0.2")

IsoCountryCodes for Swift

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Iso country codes - that thing that we discussed that defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest.


This is a iOS Swift library/class files that does a simple lookup depending on a alpha2, alpha3 or numeric value you give it. Currently it holds all the 249 countries, territories, or areas of geographical interest that are assigned official codes in ISO 3166-1.


This library returns ISO codes, names and currencies for countries.

  • β˜‘ Find by alpha-2, alpha-3 or numeric (String - yes I know...)
  • β˜‘ Search by (partial) name, case- and diacritic insensitive
  • β˜‘ Search by currency code
  • β˜‘ Search by phone dialing code (+31 for Netherlands, +1 for USA, etc...)
  • β˜‘ Retrieve a corresponding emoji flag for a country code.
  • β˜‘ Retrieve a fraction digits or decimal places for a country's currency. This can be useful when converting an amount in a certain currency to digits (ex 1 euro = 100 cent, 1 KD = 1000 fils)


You can search via numeric, alpha-2 or alpha-3 format. Searching an ISO code returns a struct.

print(IsoCountryCodes.find(key: "020").name) //Andorra
print(IsoCountryCodes.find(key: "TK").name) //Tokelau
print(IsoCountryCodes.find(key: "TKL").currency) //NZD

You can also search by country name, currency or calling/dialing code:

print(IsoCountryCodes.searchByCurrency("EUR").count ) // 31
print(IsoCountryCodes.searchByCallingCode("+31").first ) // Netherlands

let country = IsoCountryCodes.searchByName("Netherlands")
dump(country) // This dumps the full struct in console

This returns a IsoCountryInfo struct:

β–Ώ IsoCountryCodes.IsoCountryInfo
    - name: Netherlands
    - numeric: 528
    - alpha2: NL
    - alpha3: NLD
    - calling: +31
    - currency: EUR
    - continent: EU

Searching by name is case- and diacritic insensitive:



If no full match is found, a partial match is tried:

// Full name is "Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of"

but nothing is returned if the search results would be ambiguous:

// There are two Virgin Islands country codes:
// "Virgin Islands, British" and "Virgin Islands, U.S."
dump(IsoCountryCodes.searchByName("Virgin Islands"))

Fun with flags

Retrieve a corresponding emoji flag from a country code. (Thanks to @lorismaz for this addition)

let emojiString = IsoCountries.flag(countryCode: "NL")
// Prints πŸ‡³πŸ‡±


let emojiString = IsoCountryCodes.find(key: "USA").flag
// Prints πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Retrieve fractional digits

Retrieve fractional digits or decimal places for a country's currency. This can be useful when converting an amount in a certain currency to digits. For example calculating how many cents go into 1 euro (100 cent), or in Kuwaiti dinar; 1 KD = 1000 fils. This is convenient when working with banks or payment providers. (Thanks to @mohameditani for this addition).

func transformToDigits(price: Double, country: IsoCountryInfo) -> Double {
  let fractionDigits = country.fractionDigits
  let amount = price * pow(10.0, Double(fractionDigits))
  return amount

let priceOfCoffee = 2.05
let country = IsoCountryCodes.searchByName("Italy") // fractionDigits for Italy is 2
let digits = transformToDigits(priceOfCoffee, country)
// 205 cents


Copy/add files to your project


The 'do-whatever-you-please-with-it licence. Use it or abuse it. Just keep my name at the top of the files.


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Release Notes

Added default fractions for country
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Added default fractions Updated readme with code example

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