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A collection of customised Swift extensions and classes I've written over the years which might be useful for others as well. I use Swift classes such as the Date extension and rounded buttons in almost every project nowadays.

Rounded Buttons

  • Specify corner radius
  • Uses advanced continous corners instead of perfectly round corners

TimeIntervals and Date Formatting

Working with Colors

  • Contrast calculation (dark or light background required for a font with specific color?)
  • Generate color from string

Rounded Font

  • Creates the rounded SF font version

Simplified Localized String

Use NSLocalizedString("hello world!") without the additional comment attribute.


  • Capitalize first character of a string
  • SHA1 hash
  • Is string almost equal to other string?
  • Subscript (get char at index)
  • Levenshtein distance
  • Get CGPath of String

FileManager extensions

  • Ensure folder exists


  • snapshot UIView


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