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freyaalminde/watch-date-picker 0.1.1
A customizable date picker for watchOS and SwiftUI.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/freyaalminde/watch-date-picker.git", from: "0.1.1")

Watch Date Picker

A customizable date picker for watchOS and SwiftUI.


Add the https://github.com/freyaalminde/watch-date-picker package, then add the WatchDatePicker product to your app’s WatchKit extension target.


Online documentation is available at freyaalminde.github.io/documentation/watchdatepicker.


The DatePicker view displays a button with a title and the selected value. When pressed, it presents a user interface for selecting date, time, or both.

The date picker is designed to look and feel similar to the system’s date and time pickers, as seen in Safari, Alarms, Calendar, Reminders, and Sleep, with an API matching SwiftUI’s built-in DatePicker.

Selecting Date and Time

    "Date & Time",
    selection: $value

Selecting a Date

    selection: $value,
    displayedComponents: .date

Selecting a Time

    selection: $value,
    displayedComponents: .hourAndMinute


DateInputView and TimeInputView, the two views which DatePicker is primarily composed of, can be used on their own.

Date Input View

The date input view displays three pickers for selecting day, month, and year.

DateInputView(selection: $value)

The date input view uses the current locale for labeling, ordering, and populating the day-month-year pickers.

DateInputView(selection: $value)
    .environment(\.locale, Locale(identifier: "fr"))

Time Input View

The time input view displays a clock dial for selecting hour and minute. In locales with AM/PM-based time, AM/PM buttons will be displayed, otherwise 24-hour mode is used.

TimeInputView(selection: $value)

24-hour mode can be explicitly enabled or disabled regardless of locale.

TimeInputView(selection: $value)

The 24-hour mode indicator can be hidden.

TimeInputView(selection: $value)

Setting the tint will affect the selection indicator and AM/PM buttons.

TimeInputView(selection: $value)

The font of the value labels can be digit-monospaced.

TimeInputView(selection: $value)

See the documentation for more options.


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Release Notes

Watch Date Picker 0.1.0
42 weeks ago

Initial release 🎉

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