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franklynw/StarRatingView 2.0.2
A SwiftUI Rating view
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.package(url: "https://github.com/franklynw/StarRatingView.git", from: "2.0.2")


A simple SwiftUI rating view, with customisable colours.

Example 1


Swift Package Manager

In Xcode:


NB: All examples require import StarRatingView at the top of the source file

StarRatingView(rating: rating)

Set a precise width

You can specify a width for the stars view in the init -

StarRatingView(rating: rating, width: geometry.size.width * 0.5)

If the width parameter is omitted, it will fit into the available space.

Set the base colour

StarRatingView(rating: rating)

Set the hightlighted colour

StarRatingView(rating: rating)

Draw an outline around the stars (the highlighted portions)

StarRatingView(rating: rating)
    .outline(.purple, weight: .semibold)


StarRatingView is available under the MIT licence.


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