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francisfeng/SymbolPicker 0.6.2
A SF Symbols picker for Mac apps. Built with AppKit.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/francisfeng/SymbolPicker.git", from: "0.6.2")

Symbol Picker

A SF Symbols picker for Mac apps. Built with AppKit.


  • macOS 11.0+


Add https://github.com/francisfeng/SymbolPicker in the “Swift Package Manager” tab in Xcode.


screenshot of Symbol Picker

  1. AppKit

// in your NSViewController subclass
import SymbolPicker

@objc func pickIcon(_ sender: Any) {
  if let windowController = SymbolPicker.windowController(
      symbol: selectedSFSymbol,
      color: symbolColor,
      delegate: self,
      title: windowTitleForTheSymbolPicker),
     let iconSheet = windowController.window {
    // You need to persist this windowController in your app.
    self.symbolPickerWindowController = windowController
    window.beginSheet(iconSheet) {
      [unowned self] _ in
      self.symbolPickerWindowController = nil

extension ViewController: SymbolPickerDelegate {
  func symbolPicker(_ symbol: String, color: NSColor?) {
  1. SwiftUI

I haven't try it with SwiftUI yet. Any contributions will be welcome.




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