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foxglove/mcap v0.0.0
MCAP is a modular, performant, and serialization-agnostic container file format, useful for pub/sub and robotics applications.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/foxglove/mcap.git", from: "v0.0.0")


MCAP is a modular container format and logging library for pub/sub messages with arbitrary message serialization. It is primarily intended for use in robotics applications, and works well under various workloads, resource constraints, and durability requirements.


Developer quick start

MCAP libraries are provided in the following languages. For guidance on each language, see its corresponding README:

Language Readme API docs Package name Version
C++ readme API docs mcap
Go readme API docs see releases
Python readme API docs mcap
JavaScript/TypeScript readme API docs @mcap/core
Swift readme API docs see releases
Rust readme API docs mcap

To run the conformance tests, you will need to use Git LFS, which is used to store the test logs under tests/conformance/data.

CLI tool

A CLI tool for interacting with the format is available here.


MIT License. Contributors are required to accept the Contributor License Agreement.


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