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Swift wrapper for Betfair API-NG. Currently only market streaming is supported.

This is untested in production. Using this as-is would be a bad idea. Memory consumption especially needs to be tested.


Only Swift 4 is supported.

Due to a change needed upstream in Kitura-Net you can only reference master in a Swift package manifest:

.package(url: "https://github.com/foulkesjohn/BetSwift.git", .branch("master"))


You will need your Betfair cert in PEM format to run on linux. For mac you will need both pem and p12.

First you will need to get a session token:

let sessionParams = SessionFetchParams(username: "username",
                                       password: "password",
                                       appKey: "appkey",
                                       certPath: "path/to/cert_file.pem",
                                       certPassword: "cert_password")

SessionToken.fetch(params: sessionParams) {
  sessionToken in
  if let sessionToken = sessionToken {
    connect(sessionToken: sessionToken)
  } else {
    print("no session token")

Once you have a token you can connect the stream. You will need to pass the config, and a Queue where the events will added to be processed.

var queue = Queue<BetSwift.Event>()

typealias StreamType = BetSwift.Stream<ChangeMessage<MarketChange>>

func connect(sessionToken: String) {
  do {
    let authentication = Authentication(id: 1,
                                        appKey: "appkey",
                                        session: sessionToken)
    let config = StreamType.Config(endpoint: "stream-api-integration.betfair.com",
                                   certPath: "path/to/pem_file_or.p12",
                                   password: "cert_password",
                                   authentication: authentication)
    let stream = StreamType(config: config,
                            queue: queue,
                            handler: stateChanged)
    try stream.start()
  } catch {

Once the stream has connected you can send the subscription:

let marketFilter = MarketFilter(marketIds: nil,
                                bspMarket: nil,
                                bettingTypes: nil,
                                eventTypeIds: ["7", "1"],
                                turnInPlayEnabled: nil,
                                marketTypes: ["WIN"],
                                venues: nil,
                                countryCodes: ["GB"])
let marketDataFilter = MarketDataFilter(fields: ["EX_BEST_OFFERS",
                                        ladderLevels: 3)

let marketSubscription = MarketSubscription(id: 1,
                                            marketFilter: marketFilter,
                                            marketDataFilter: marketDataFilter)

func stateChanged(state: StreamType.State,
                  stream: StreamType) {
  if state == .connected {
    try! stream.send(.marketSubscription(marketSubscription))

You should then have events on the queue which can be processed. You may want to do this on a separate DispatchQueue/thread:

let processQueue = DispatchQueue(label: "betswift.queue.process")

func process(queue: Queue<BetSwift.Event>) {
  while true {
    if !queue.isEmpty {
      let event = queue.pop()
      switch event {
      case .change(let change):
      case .error:

processQueue.async { process(queue: queue) }


  • Price cache
  • Order stream
  • Betting operations
  • Performance test


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