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flowtoolz/CloudKid 0.1.0
Lift your code above the harsh realities of CloudKit. Swift and easy.
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iOS macOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/flowtoolz/CloudKid.git", from: "0.1.0")


CloudKid simplifies basic uses of CloudKit:

  • Ensuring iCloud account access
  • Fetching records
  • Fetching changes
  • Saving records
  • Querying for records
  • Creating zones and subscription
  • Responding to database notifications
  • Resolving data conflicts


CloudKid abstracts away the technical details of CloudKit:

  • Local caching of CKRecordobjects for recommended conflict resolution approach via saving
  • Using proper CloudKit operations for everything, no CloudKit convenience methods internally
  • Providing meaningful result types for CKModifyRecordsOperation
  • Handling partial CloudKit errors
  • Splitting batch operations into batches of acceptable size
  • Transforming errors of type CKError into readable errors that can be displayed
  • Providing a meaningful result type for change fetches
  • Detecting save conflicts and providing a meaningful conflict type for conflict resolution
  • Producing a timeout error in case CloudKit operations don't respond


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