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ffried/FFUIKit 8.4.0
Some useful additions and classes for Apple's UIKit Framwork
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.package(url: "https://github.com/ffried/FFUIKit.git", from: "8.4.0")


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Some useful additions and classes for Apple's UIKit Framwork.

Important Note

Release 8.0 is the first step into retiring this framework. SwiftUI supersedes or provides many things FFUIKit added for UIKit. Also, UIKit gained support for another bunch of things FFUIKit provided until now. Finally, the remaining useful parts will be factored out into smaller packages.

The following list provides some help in finding the correct replacement for APIs removed from FFUIKit:

  • The Color Components implementations (BW, BWA, RGB, RGBA, HSB and HSBA) now live in the Color Components Package.
  • UIDevice.platform and UIDevice.platformName are now found in the Apple Device Information Package. UIDevice.platform becomes DeviceInfo.current.identifier and platformName becomes DeviceInfo.current.name. For SwiftUI, there's the \.deviceInfo environment key.
  • UIStoryboard.Identifier and the corresponding instantiateViewController method were removed in favor of UIStoryboards generic instantiateViewController method that already returns a typed view controller.
  • The extensions on UITableView allowing animated updates have been soft-deprecated. UIDiffableDataSource is a great, more robust and more performant replacement for it.
  • The LicensesTableViewController, LicenseDetailViewController and License model have been replaced in favor of the Licensed Components Package.
  • The UIApplication extensions for the iTunes URL have been removed in favor of the App Information Package.
  • The UIColor extensions have been removed in favor of using Color Components Package, which makes it as easy as of release 1.2.0.


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Release Notes

1 year ago
  • Add Swift 5.4 support

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