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This repository contains some useful extension to Swift's standard library and Apple's Foundation framework. Also, there are many helper objects.


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v8.1.1 -

This adds a workaround to UserDefault for SR-13069.

v8.1.0 -

  • This improves the handling of optionals using UserDefault.
  • Re-enables some tests on linux

v8.0.1 -

Make deprecation typealias for Atomic public.

v8.0.0 -

  • Add Support for Swift 5.3
  • Remove support for older Swift versions
  • Remove Xcode project
  • Rename Atomic to Synchronized
  • Remove deprecated API and some Dispatch helpers.

v7.2.0 -

New in this release:

  • Also added operator support to NSSortDescriptor

v7.1.0 -

New in this release:

  • The implementation of the value type AttributedString has been activated.
  • NSPredicate can now be created using operators.

v7.0.2 -

Add support for Swift 5.2

v7.0.1 -

Make Application typealias work on tvOS and watchOS

v7.0.0 -

This introduces Swift 5.1 support and drops support for all previous versions of Swift.

  • Predicate became ExpressibleByStringInterpolation in this release
  • UserDefault is a new property wrapper, that allows for easily reading/storing values in UserDefaults
  • Lens is a new property wrapper, that wraps a getter / setter transparently and is thus great for hiding the storage of a value.

v6.0.0 -


This refactors the containers and some trigonometry models. Major version increase due to breaking API changes.

v5.0.2 -

Fix warnings on Linux

v5.0.1 -

Fix some ambiguities

v5.0.0 -

Swift 5 support

v4.4.0 -

Add initial version of Future and FutureResult. Improve Atomic

v4.3.0 -

  • TypeDescription was added to conveniently describe types.
  • Observer was added to observer changes of properties.
  • Additional tests were added.

v4.2.0 -

This version adds support for Swift 4.2. Also, a basic implementation of AttributedString was added. And CI now does test Xcode and SwiftPM (the latter also on linux)

v3.0.1 -

v3.0.0 -

v2.0.1 -

2.0.0 -

This is the first release to drop support for Swift Versions pre 3.0. Also, it includes Support for the Swift Package Manager.