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Some useful extensions and classes for Apple's CoreData framework.


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v6.0.0 -

  • Add support for Swift 5.3
  • Drop support for previous Swift versions
  • Remove Xcode project (in favor of SPM)

v5.1.0 -

This release adds convenience APIs for fetching and creating Fetchable and Creatable Models using Swift KeyPaths and Operators.


final class MyModel: NSManagedObject, FindOrCreatable {
    let hasContent: Bool
    let validTo: Date?

let context = CoreDataStack.mainContext
let models = try MyModel.find(in: context, where: \.hasContent == true && \.validTo >= Date(), sortedBy: ^\.validTo)
let newModel = try MyModel.findOrCreate(in: context, where: \.hasContent != true)

v5.0.0 -

This adds support for Swift 5.1, iOS 13 and SPM

v4.2.0 -

This adds Swift 4.2 support Also, this repository is now tested by a CI

v4.1.0 -

This adds support for concurrent decoding via NSManagedObject.asDecodingContext(do:). Also, some cleanup was done in CoreDataStack.Configuration.

v4.0.0 -

Update to Swift 4.1 (using new features)

v3.1.3 -

v3.1.2 -

v3.1.1 -

v3.1.0 -

v3.0.0 -

Fix for ReferenceConvertible types in predicates -

v2.1.0 -

This is now all Swift. No ObjC Code anymore. :)

2.0.0 -

Drops Support for Pre Swift 3.0 Versions