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fastlane/fastlane watchbuild/0.1.4
🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps
⭐️ 37,531
🕓 Yesterday
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
2.216.0 Fix for match GitLab storage
2 days ago
* [match] fixes missing job-token error in GitLab storage mode (#21520) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey)
2.215.1 Workaround for Google Play API instability
4 days ago
* [supply] add new SUPPLY_UPLOAD_MAX_RETRIES env var to attempt to solve failed Google API calls (#21518) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz)
2.215.0 Improvements
5 days ago
* [spaceship] add request retry with backoff when encountring 429 errors (#21511) via Stefan Natchev (@snatchev) * [supply] introduce a new synchronization logic for screenshots (#21498) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [deliver] validate the status of app version to be ready_for_review before submitting the app (#20515) via 醉 (@404pilot) * [match] Added s3_skip_encryption parameter (#21018) via Morten Bøgh (@mbogh) * [docs] add minor branding guidelines to `CONTRIBUTING.md` (#21495) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [match] prevent directory download from s3 (#20975) via Mark Homoki (@markhomoki) * [xcodes] fix issue where `xcodes` action wouldn't accept beta versions of Xcode (#21434) via apps4everyone (@apps4everyone) * [spaceship] explicit beta group access to all builds at creation (#21478) via Vincent Isambart (@vincentisambart) * [docs] update pull request template to ask contributors to write unit tests (#21427) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [action] deprecate the ensure_xcode_version action (#21448) via Iulian Onofrei (@revolter) * [tests] stop generating rspec temp file in current directory (#21466) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [ci] fix CI by replacing deprecated Xcode versions, and add Xcode 14, Xcode 15, and Ruby 3.1 to test envs (#21465) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [deliver][frameit] add iPhone 14 Pro / 6.1" display type (#21393) via Stefan Natchev (@snatchev) * [spaceship] add missing `AppStoreState` cases (#21312) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [fastlane_core] fix WWDR certificates import flow (#21442) via Paul Taykalo (@PaulTaykalo) * [docs] fix tool name formatting (for `supply`) to be lowercase to pass fastlane docs unit tests (#21426) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan)
2.214.0 Improvements
9 weeks ago
* [spaceship] fix olympus session request error after skipping 2FA Upgrade (#21317) via AbbyM (@AbbyM) * [spaceship] add update method to ConnectAPI::User (#20956) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [supply][action] add `download_apk_from_google_play` action (and corresponding `supply` methods) (#21315) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [docs] fix sync_code_signing.md (#21202) via Yuki Sakai (@VeyronSakai) * [fastlane] fix fastlane action template warnings reported by Rubocop (#21310) via Bartosz Kosiorek (@BartoszKosiorek-TomTom) * [docs][match] fix typos, improve wording, incorporate improvements to match documentation examples (#21302) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [match] fixes Gitlab Secure Files API limit (#21361) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey) * [match] adding access token prompt for GitLab Secure Files Match (#21279) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey) * [deliver] update upload_price_tier (#21282) via lukethoene (@lukethoene)
2.213.0 Improvements
17 weeks ago
* [core][match] remove obsolete and expired WWDR G1 certificate (#21271) via Frederik Seiffert (@triplef) * [action][ensure_git_status_clean] new ignore_files option for explicitly ignoring files (#21283) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [scan] run simulator destination with arch=x86_64 for Xcode 14.3 and up if on Intel (#21284) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [match] adding support for self-managed GitLab instances (#21274) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey) * [pilot] fix increase limit for build query (#21212) via Eric Lindvall (@eric) * [dependency] relax `multipart_post` dependency version requirement (#20870) via Edouard Brière (@edouard)
2.212.2 Improvements and fix for some App Store Connect APIs
22 weeks ago
* [ci] Only run all mac jobs on master and version bump branches (#21088) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [spaceship] remove deprecated attributes from apps requests (#21187) via Kohki Miki (@giginet) * [snapshot] fix resolve deadlock in LatestOsVersion#version_for_os (#20329) via stbix (@stbix) * [deliver] Implements `verify` with `altool` for Xcode 14 validation (#20738) via Pol Piella Abadia (@polpielladev) * [action][ensure_git_status_clean] fix incorrect "ignored" param handling (#20976) via Iulian Onofrei (@revolter) * [spaceship] increase limit for build query in distribute to handle multiple platforms (#21087) via Eric Lindvall (@eric)
2.212.1 Fix for Apple ID lockout and Access Forbidden with new hashcash header
29 weeks ago
* [spaceship] Implements new hashcash header in auth flow (#21073) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [spaceship] Fix Apple ID 2FA with SMS (#21072) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz)
2.212.0 Improvements
30 weeks ago
* [fastlane_core] New FASTLANE_WWDR_USE_HTTP1_AND_RETRIES env (feature flag) to use http 1.1 and retries when installing WWDC certs to fix some CI failures (#21044) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [CI] Update deprecated CircleCI images (#20932) via Aaron Brager (@getaaron) * [spaceship] Add language name in stack trace when localization operations fail (#20581) via Cristian Caruceru (@ccaruceru) * [gym] Add show build timing summary option (#20896) via Pol Piella (@polpielladev) * [deliver] add iPad Pro 6th generation (#20993) via Kohki Miki (@giginet) * [action][import_from_git] fix error when cache_path is not specified (#20958) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [spaceship] add methods to rename and disable/enable devices (#20928) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [spaceship] Remove unused params in ConnectAPI::Device (#20931) via Aaron Brager (@getaaron) * [action][xcodes] add error handling for `xcodes` when running the `installed` cmd (#20867) via Gio Lodi (@mokagio) * [scan] add option to specify result bundle path (#20742) via Benedek Kozma (@Cyberbeni) * [deliver] fix bug when canceling a rejected submission (#20754) via merchang (@merchang) * [fastlane_core] prevent negative argument error for message formatting (#20857) via Akseli Lukkarila (@akselilukkarila) * [spaceship] support fetching `build_bundle_file_sizes` for a `BuildBundle` (#20860) via Liam Nichols (@liamnichols) * [action][update_project_provisioning] redownload AppleIncRootCertificate.cer if file size is 0. (#20812) via Jerry.Qiushi (@JerryZQS) * [docs] add link to Spaceship Debugging docs from Tooling and Debugging docs (#20849) via Rob Mathers (@robmathers) * [screengrab] fix formatting of the `screengrab` / `capture_android_screenshots` docs (#20597) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [action][pod lib lint] fix grammar in success message (#20627) via Tejas Sharma (@tejassharma96) * [match] developer id installer profile for the accessible environments (#20782) via Paul Taykalo (@PaulTaykalo)
2.211.0 Improvements
44 weeks ago
* [release] fix for more forgiving changelog generation for release (#20851) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [match][sigh] add support for Apple Silicon Macs in iOS/iPadOS provisioning profiles (#20676) via Philipp Resch (@PinkidG) * [snapshot] fix compiler error on `SnapshotHelper.swift` (#20689) via amcalgates (@amcalgates) * [match] fix match nuke not deleting decrypted files (#20776) via Iulian Onofrei (@revolter) * [docs] update path to iTMSTransporter for Fastlane.swift (#20795) via Rafał Wyszomirski (@rafauke) * [action][update_code_signing_settings] add `sdk` key to update_code_signing_settings (#20655) via gabimoncha (@gabimoncha) * [pilot][deliver] fix private method clone' called for #<Hash> on uploading app (#20662) via freddi(Yuki Aki) (@freddi-kit) * [spaceship] implement resolution center API in Spaceship::ConnectAPI (#20726) via Hiroto Nakamura (@Hiroto-N) * [action] add `xcodes` action, deprecating `xcversion` and `xcode-install` (#20672) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [frameit] fix device detection that would match less specific devices first (#20642) via Guglielmo Faglioni (@guidev) * [deliver] add support to detecting and uploading 6.7" (iPhone 14 Pro Max) screenshots (#20694) via Evgeny Cherpak (@cherpake)
2.210.1 Hotfix for deliver and pilot
1 year ago
* [pilot][deliver] Fix how to encode base64 p8 key on deliver and pilot (#20669) via freddi(Yuki Aki) (@freddi-kit)

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