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fastlane/fastlane watchbuild/0.1.4
🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps
⭐️ 34,911
🕓 20 hours ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
2.205.2 Improvements
3 weeks ago
* [action][update_project_provisioning] fail when profile cannot be verified (#20169) via Lukasz Grabowski (@lucgrabowski) * [match] check validity of provisioning profile certificates when `force_for_new_certificates` option is provided (#20194) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [spaceship] refresh token and retry on authorization errors (#19502) via Anderson Mesquita (@andersonvom) * [frameit] add support for iPhone 13 device family with updated colors (#20148) via Braden Casperson (@casperson) * [match] fix crash in match when passing a frozen value as app_identifiers (#20125) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware)
2.205.1 Improvements
7 weeks ago
* [trainer] reports failure with skipped tests (#20045) via Mahmood Tahir * [spaceship][tunes] fix 'block in select_team': [!] undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass (#20088) via Hiroki Nomura
2.205.0 Fix for Apple ID authentication
8 weeks ago
* [spaceship] fix for Apple ID authentication - replace teams endpoints (#20083) via Josh Holtz * [fastlane_core] add env var to skip printing plugins table. (#19963) via Roger Oba * [action][git_commit action] use safer way of calling `sh` (#19978) via Olivier Halligon * [spaceship] Add unresolved_issues to review submission states and update get_in_progress method (#19979) via Ivan Vrsajkov * [supply] Prefer all default tracks (#19926) (#20010) via Taneli Korri * [trainer] Return Test Plan Configuration in JUnit output (#20016) via Seb Skuse Big thank you to @VrsajkovIvan33 and @valerio-castelli for doing the investigation and majority of the fixing for the Apple ID authentication and session issue ❤️
2.204.3 Improvements
13 weeks ago
* [trainer][scan] identify skipped tests in `xcresult` and export to Junit format and output in scan (#19957) via Igor Makarov * [Fastlane.Swift] Swift fastlane upgrader #18933 (#19914) via Enrique Garcia * [pem][spaceship] update development push certificate type ID (#19879) via Igor Makarov * [snapshot] fix compile error on macCatalyst (#19917) via Philipp Arndt * [Fastlane.Swift] readPodspec: return map of [String: Any] (#19953) via Hais Deakin * [match] update :force_for_new_certificates option description (#19938) via Wolfgang Lutz
2.204.2 App Store Connect API is fixed - reverts local filtering
14 weeks ago
* Revert "[spaceship][deliver][pilot] temporarily fix finding app by filtering by bundle id locally (#19900)" (#19906) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) Version `2.204.1` will be removed from RubyGems as the temporary fix is no longer needed
2.204.1 Temporary App Store Connect Fix
14 weeks ago
* [spaceship][deliver][pilot] temporarily fix finding app by filtering by bundle id locally (#19900) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz)
2.204.0 Improvements
14 weeks ago
* [snapshot][fastlane_core] hotfix/simulator not starting Xcode 13 (#19531) via Markus Moltke * [pilot] support internal groups for testflight (#19735) via Tamas Horvath * [match] fix typo in Match::Storage::S3Storage#s3_object_path (#19870) via Fotos Georgiadis * [pilot][upload_to_testflight] Send pkg to mac testflight when both ipa and pkg are available (#19801) via Lukasz Grabowski * [snapshot] update example devices included with xcode 13.1 (#19615) via David E. Weekly * [match] add an option to safe remove certs for nuke (#19617) via Lukasz Grabowski * [Fastlane.swift] fixes issues with running on Apple Silicon #18502 (#19555) via Enrique * [fastlane] fixes bug in string concatenation of verify_build error message (#19873) via Rogerio de Paula Assis * [scan] fix issue when scan failed to zip_build_products for `build_for_testing` option (#19875) via Manish Rathi * [trainer][regression] fixes fail_build parameter which stopped working (#19882) via David Cacenabes
2.203.0 Improvements
15 weeks ago
* [scan] fix crash if no derived data (#19871) via Josh Holtz * [scan] Return results when running scan (#19860) via Tejas Sharma * [scan] add parallel_testing option to scan (#19857) via Tejas Sharma
2.202.0 Deliver uses updated review submission API
15 weeks ago
* [deliver] migrate to new App Store Connect API 1.7 review submission API (#19838) via Josh Holtz ## Notes - `deliver`'s `submit_for_review` and `reject_if_possible ` are updated to use App Store Connect API version 1.7 - Migrates `deliver` to a new API endpoint for review submissions - However, `deliver` does not support submitting multiple items for review yet - Previous submission API is now deprecated Big thank you to @valerio-castelli for preparing `spaceship` for these endpoints in #19751
2.201.2 Hotfixes for scan
15 weeks ago
* [scan] look for xcresult in derived data instead of forcing temp dir or output_path (#19845) via Josh Holtz * [scan] fix off by one for scan's number_of_retries with xcode 13 (#19844) via Josh Holtz

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