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fastlane/fastlane watchbuild/0.1.4
🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps
⭐️ 36,413
🕓 6 hours ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
2.211.0 Improvements
12 weeks ago
* [release] fix for more forgiving changelog generation for release (#20851) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [match][sigh] add support for Apple Silicon Macs in iOS/iPadOS provisioning profiles (#20676) via Philipp Resch (@PinkidG) * [snapshot] fix compiler error on `SnapshotHelper.swift` (#20689) via amcalgates (@amcalgates) * [match] fix match nuke not deleting decrypted files (#20776) via Iulian Onofrei (@revolter) * [docs] update path to iTMSTransporter for Fastlane.swift (#20795) via Rafał Wyszomirski (@rafauke) * [action][update_code_signing_settings] add `sdk` key to update_code_signing_settings (#20655) via gabimoncha (@gabimoncha) * [pilot][deliver] fix private method clone' called for #<Hash> on uploading app (#20662) via freddi(Yuki Aki) (@freddi-kit) * [spaceship] implement resolution center API in Spaceship::ConnectAPI (#20726) via Hiroto Nakamura (@Hiroto-N) * [action] add `xcodes` action, deprecating `xcversion` and `xcode-install` (#20672) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [frameit] fix device detection that would match less specific devices first (#20642) via Guglielmo Faglioni (@guidev) * [deliver] add support to detecting and uploading 6.7" (iPhone 14 Pro Max) screenshots (#20694) via Evgeny Cherpak (@cherpake)
2.210.1 Hotfix for deliver and pilot
20 weeks ago
* [pilot][deliver] Fix how to encode base64 p8 key on deliver and pilot (#20669) via freddi(Yuki Aki) (@freddi-kit)
2.210.0 Improvements
20 weeks ago
* [deliver][pilot] use altool instead of using iTMSTransporter for Xcode 14 (#20631) via freddi(Yuki Aki) (@freddi-kit) * [docs][run_tests] fix typo and improve phrasing of documentation (#20585) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan)
2.209.1 Improvements
24 weeks ago
* [fastlane_core] install all Apple WWDR Intermediate Certificates (#20537) via Tony Li (@crazytonyli) * [Fastlane.swift] the word phrasing used has been standardized. (#20543) via Yusuke Arakawa (@nekolaboratory) * [spaceship] ignoring case sensitive when requesting SMS (#20436) via harrimaatta (@harrimaatta)
2.209.0 Improvements
25 weeks ago
* [deliver] fix typo caused by string concatenation (#20531) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [frameit] faceook.design moved to design.facebook.com (#20513) via Guglielmo Faglioni (@guidev) * [match][sigh][cert] added checking hash of installed wwdr certificates (#20507) via grey442 (@grey442) * [action] adding no overwrite and local only options to the pod repo push command (#20455) via polmum (@polmum) * [core] fix unescaped \ (#20508) via Arthur Baars (@aibaars) * [action][tests] don't create keychain files in lazy manner (#20478) via Bartosz Nowak (@DuMaM) * [pilot] app_version and app_build should not be fetched from a local IPA or PKG when distribute_only is set (#20488) via Colin Tremblay (@tremblay) * [match] suppress null byte message (#20497) via Aaron Brager (@getaaron)
2.208.0 Improvements
29 weeks ago
* [spaceship] fix `fastlane init` and temporarily retrofitting `Spaceship::Tunes::Application.find` (#20480) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [match][sigh] prefer default keychain during wwdr cert installation (#20448) via Bartosz Nowak (@DuMaM) * [match][sigh] fix access to certs installed by fastlane tools for productsign command for macOS (#20474) via Bartosz Nowak (@DuMaM) * [match] extract the certificate name from provisioning profiles (#20187) via Tejas Sharma (@tejassharma96) * [action][changelog_from_git_commits] fix description for documentation (#20430) via Mathijs Bernson (@mbernson) * [snapshot] use empty string to blank out operator name by default (#20429) via Zev Eisenberg (@ZevEisenberg) * [trainer] fix ERB.new() deprecation warnings (#20440) via Philipp Wallisch (@wallisch) * [match] fixes set up bugs when using GitLab Secure Files as a Match storage backend (#20452) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey)
2.207.0 Many Improvements and Dropping Ruby 2.5 Support
31 weeks ago
* [match] add profile_type filtering when checking if profile exists (#20311) via Paul Taykalo (@PaulTaykalo) * [deliver] update deliver/runner.rb to handle both ipa and pkg paths. (#20043) via Stefan Natchev (@snatchev) * [match] add imports, fix linting errors, rename env variable (#20418) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [spaceship] allow for removing app from sale by updating territories (#20324) via Lukasz Grabowski (@lucgrabowski) * [sigh][match][spaceship] add missing inhouse to mac profile types (#20353) via Bartosz Nowak (@DuMaM) * [Fastlane.swift] show http error message from AppStore (#20397) via Julian Kalinowski (@kalinjul) * [match] adding support for GitLab Secure Files as a Match storage mode (#20386) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey) * [match] improve Match::CommandsGenerator's decrypt option unit test (#20395) via Manish Rathi (@crazymanish) * [match] added Match::CommandsGenerator's import option unit test (#20396) via Manish Rathi (@crazymanish) * [fastlane-core][scan] added destination param support inside the `xcodebuild` command (#20399) via Manish Rathi (@crazymanish) * [pilot] added the Pilot::TesterExporter class unit tests (#20394) via Manish Rathi (@crazymanish) * [frameit] add Device Google Pixel 5 (#20389) via Denis Andrašec (@denrase) * [action][update_info_plist] improve the plist file-path option validation check (#20356) via Manish Rathi (@crazymanish) * [match] specify s3 object prefix (#20344) via Hiroshi Ishihara (@iaia) * [snapshot] Add missing iPod touch to Generated Snapshot Reports (#20337) via Kyle Howells (@kylehowells) * [Ruby] Ruby 2.6 is now the minimum (dropping Ruby 2.5) (#20413) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [gem] update rack due to security alert from dependabot (#20339) via Lukasz Grabowski (@lucgrabowski) * [fastlane] allow overriding the architecture to run xcodebuild under (#20323) via Manu Wallner (@milch)
2.206.2 Improvements
37 weeks ago
* [Fastlane.swift] fix compile issue with argumentProcessor (#20318) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [Fastlane.Swift] Use ArgumentProcessor port to start fastlane socket_server (#20176) via Sven Tiigi (@SvenTiigi) * [pem] fixed "\x82" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 when saving .p12 files to disk (#20317) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [fastlane] fix a grammatical mistake when prompting which lane to run (#20307) via kamimi01 (@kamimi01) * [fastlane][tests] add tests for CLIToolsDistributor (#20315) via Lukasz Grabowski (@lucgrabowski)
2.206.1 Hot fix
37 weeks ago
* [regression][fastlane] fixed fastlane command issue when tool name not provided (#20295) via Manish Rathi (@crazymanish) * [aciton][import_from_git] fix/import from git spec fail with non master default branch (#20297) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej)
2.206.0 Improvements
38 weeks ago
* [match] add support for Developer ID certificates from G2 Sub-CA (#20145) via Frederik Seiffert (@triplef) * [spaceship] add ability to invite a single TestFlight user (#20112) via Lucas (@LcTwisk) * [deliver] add `verify_only` option to deliver (#20247) via Pol Piella (@pol-piella) * [scan] fix scan failing to return results when there are test failures (#20237) via Mahmood Tahir (@tahirmt) * [docs] remove named parameter from `create_capability` example. (#20197) via Trent Kocurek (@t2) * [spaceship] fix creation App Store Connect API authorization token (#20206) via Yuya Oka (@nnsnodnb) * [match] add option to skip google account confirmation (#20223) via Tim Sneed (@trsneed) * [aciton][setup_ci] added timeout param into setup_ci (#20211) via javigines (@javigines) * [action][danger] add GitHub Enterprise flags (#20216) via Alexander Weiß (@alexanderwe) * [fastlane] allows aliased tool names (build_app, sync_code_signing, etc) to run from CLI (#20287) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [spaceship] update buildDeliveries request to use app id in path (#20268) via Lukasz Grabowski (@lucgrabowski) * [spaceship] update `Spaceship::ConnectAPI::User model` to include `delete!` method (#20251) via Liam Nichols (@liamnichols) * [infra] changelog will now show github usernames which makes contributors stand out more in releases (#20214) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz)

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