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fastlane/fastlane watchbuild/0.1.4
🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps
⭐️ 38,611
🕓 5 hours ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
2.220.0 Improvements
2 weeks ago
* [action][sh] fix undefined sh_enabled? method when using Action.sh from a plugin Action (#21408) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [match] Include visionOS devices in provisioning profiles (#21871) via peter-gyarmati (@peter-gyarmati) * [spaceship] Fix filtering of Mac devices when trying to create a macOS profile (#21915) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [core] update simctl command in device_manager.rb [21893] (#21894) via David Nedrow (@dnedrow) * [fastlane] remove dependency on unmaintained rest-client library (#21898) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [spaceship] handle new app status (#21890) via Lukasz Grabowski (@lucgrabowski) * [spaceship] Update Model: beta_tester (#21799) via mlch911 (@mlch911) * [fix] drop old code made for ruby < 2.6 (#21878) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [fastlane_core] fix the display of non-unicode characters when printing lane context (#21857) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [spaceship] `create_certificate_signing_request`: update from SHA-1 to SHA-256 (#21644) via Jay Soffian (@jaysoffian) * [match][hotfix] remove the `renew_expired_certs` option introduced in #21691 and revert the default behavior while we address issues with it (#21812) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [action][appetize] Raise error when the API returns an unsuccessful response (#21816) via Ben Ferris (@benferris-tl) * [action][git_add] Add `force` option (#21850) via Tomoki Yamashita (@tomorrowkey) * [pilot] add xros as valid option for pilot upload (#21841) via Damian Monogue (@demonnic) * [match] fix devices fetch for tvOS platform (#21828) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [deliver] increase chances of success when creating a new app version even when Apple servers are degraded (#21742) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [action][OneSignal] Update to use v11.0 REST API (#21839) via Mohammed Akram Hussain (@Akramhussain4) * [snapshot] fix regression introduced in 2.218.0 caused by extraneous method argument in snapshot setup (#21832) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [spec] fix the loading of certain passwords from the keychain (fixes #21817) (#21818) via Ryan Pendleton (@rpendleton) * [gym][fastlane_core] add platform support for visionOS (#21574) via Philipp Resch (@PinkidG) * [match] improve encryption internals, solving flaky test (#21663) (#21790) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [frameit] iPhone 14 Frames (#21727) via sathoeni (@sathoeni) * [spaceship] decrease App Store Connect API token `issued-at-time` to prevent server rejection (#21583) via Jason Moore (@xinsight) * [match][sigh] add option to automatically renew expired certificates (defaults to enabled) (#21691) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [pilot] do not advertise the `skip_waiting_for_build_processing` option when it is already set (#21730) via Robin Kunde (@robinkunde) * [match] propagate keychain when installing wwdr certificates (#21578) via rabbitinspace (@rabbitinspace) * [deliver] introduce `timeout` for screenshots processing waiting time (#21693) via Mikhail Maslo (@mikhailmaslo) * [frameit] facebook.design doesn't work anymore (#20915) via Guglielmo Faglioni (@guidev) * [core] add an interactive console for users as well (#21803) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [trainer] fix issues where number of failures would always be zero (#21432) via Mahmood Tahir (@tahirmt)
2.219.0 Improvements
15 weeks ago
* [fastlane][ci] Lock google-cloud-env < 2.0.0 for Ruby 2.6 and fix CI to use specified ruby versions (#21777) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [sigh] prevent crashes in `fetch_profiles` when profiles have no `bundle_id` (#21758) via jonas2808 (@jonas2808) * [scan] Fix device selection issue fallback scenario (#21772) via arc-v2 (@arc-v2) * [sigh] fix cache parameters validation (#21766) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [match] fix cache issues in read-only mode (#21767) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich)
2.218.0 Improvements
15 weeks ago
Auto-generated by fastlane 🤖 **Changes since release '2.217.0':** * [action][sonar] replace deprecated sonar.login parameter with sonar.token (#21736) via Panajev (@Panajev) * [action][spm] add simulator flag for swift compiler (#21707) via Mohammad Gharari (@gharary) * [security] update `sinatra` dev dependency to resolve dependabot alert (#21709) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [fastlane-core] recommends to retry uploading when AltoolTransporterExecutor crashes (#21536) via Jason Hagglund (@TheMetalCode) * [Fastlane.swift] fix Unexpected duplicate tasks error message in Fastlane Swift (#21621) via Daniel Jankowski (@mollyIV) * [scan] Filter simulators with version greater than SDK version of active Xcode installation when choosing default (#21677) via wuaar1003 (@wuaar1003) * [plugin_generator] move development dependencies from `*.gemspec.erb` to `Gemfile.erb` (#21726) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [match] add caching layer to significantly improve performance by up to 100x (#21694) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [fastlane_core] add support to Ruby 3.3 (#21683) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [fastlane] remove some unused method parameters (#21722) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [action][spm] deprecate `build_path` option in favor of `scratch_path`, as recommended by Swift CLI (#20814) via Victor Carvalho Tavernari (@Tavernari) * [match] git storage: allow simultaneous usage of clone_branch_directly and shallow_clone (#21716) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [action][spm] add `parallel` option (#21665) via Bram Schulting (@bramschulting) * [fastlane_core] remove expired WWDR G1 certificate from cert_checker (#21098) via janwiebe-jump (@janwiebe-jump) * [action][upload_symbols_to_crashlytics] allow '~' in binary path (#21032) via GevaZeichner (@GevaZeichner) * [scan] replace the `simctl boot` command with `simctl bootstatus`, potentially fixing signal kill before running tests (#21026) via Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy (@testableapple) * [spaceship] add `Spaceship::ConnectAPI::AppPreviewSet::PreviewType::IPHONE_67` (#21710) via Sergei Sevkovich (@drcreazy) * [action][ensure_no_debug_code] detect binding.irb in `ensure_no_debug_code` during build. (#21635) via Takuma Homma (@mataku) * CONTRIBUTING.md: remove Google CLA section (#21646) via Jay Soffian (@jaysoffian) * [fastlane_core] hide xcodebuild stderr to solve #21672 (#21673) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [scan] fix misleading error message when no devices are found (#21650) via Miles Thompson (@MagnificentMiles) * [deliver][spaceship][scan] fix build warnings in rspec (#21660) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [deliver] fix regression where changes made to the privacy URL fail to upload (#21657) via Owen Hart (@owjsub) * [fastlane_core] let FastlanePty detect when externally invoked programs crash, harden it when using popen, and expose process statuses. (#21618) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej)
2.217.0 Improvements
22 weeks ago
* [spaceship] work around deliver issue #21105 (#21633) via Jerome Lacoste (@lacostej) * [action][slather] add support for slather's new --ymlfile option (#21613) via jarrodlombardo-EventBase (@jarrodlombardo-EventBase) * [action][notarize] printing log on error (#21609) via Csaba Szigeti (@szigetics) * [tests] fix test being potentially muddied by local ENV (#21586) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [match] remove redundant fetching of profile devices and certificates (#21409) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [match] hide sensitive information in match output (#21603) via Duncan MacDonald (@oct0f1sh) * [supple] fix issue with releases containing retained versions (#20997) (#20998) via Mariano Miani (@mmiani) * [action][git_branch] add `FL_GIT_BRANCH_DONT_USE_ENV_VARS` env var to `git_branch` (#21597) via Oguz Kocer (@oguzkocer) * [tests] Make error message expectation more flexible in `runner_spec.rb` to support Ruby 2.6 error message format (#21591) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [docs] fix typo `practies` → `practices` based on feedback from fastlane/docs (#21589) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [fastlane] add support for keyword arguments for lanes in Ruby 3 (#21587) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [tests] update `fakefs` to fix test failures on Ruby 3.2.2 (#21588) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [deliver] Add Watch Ultra screen size (#21106) via Aoi Takahashi (@xiii111) * [docs] update a bit of the documentation of install_on_device.rb (#21196) via ls-1N (@ls-1N) * [precheck] print the HTTP status as the failure reason when it's not 200 (#21051) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [supply] parallel uploads for meta per language (#21474) via Cristian Caruceru (@ccaruceru) * [action][nexus_upload] Mark Nexus password as a sensitive field (#21564) via Liam Jones (@liamjones) * [trainer] check specifically for file url in failure_message, fixing crash in Xcode 15 when running in Apple Silicon (#21493) via Jason Hagglund (@TheMetalCode) * [gym] fix error message for catalyst_platform option (#21332) via Sebastian Staudt (@koraktor) * [deliver] show file type correctly in user_error (#21403) via Aru Hyunseung Jeon (@Dogdriip) * [gym] fix multiplatform iOS builds (#21319) via Zach Waugh (@zachwaugh) * [match] make git_private_key path absolute (#21360) via Marko Samec (@msamec) * [snapshot] Add Missing Older iPhone & iPad models to Generated Snapshot Reports (#21557) via Kyle Howells (@kylehowells) * [deliver] Capturing NoMethodError exception when fetching live app info (#21553) via Ignacio Calderon (@kronenthaler) * [snapshot] support Strict Concurrency for SnapshotHelper (#21400) via Kohki Miki (@giginet) * [match] added selection of certificate and p12 key by certificate id (#21428) via Ivan Sorokoletov (@slacklab) * [spaceship] allow to specify fetched fields (#21528) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [snapshot] add Support for New Apple Devices in Snapshot Generator (#21554) via Sandeep Joshi (@isandeepj) * [deliver] fetch live app info if no edit info is present, fixing scenario of having both macOS and iOS apps present (#21472) via Lorenzo Mattei (@loremattei)
2.216.0 Fix for match GitLab storage
31 weeks ago
* [match] fixes missing job-token error in GitLab storage mode (#21520) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey)
2.215.1 Workaround for Google Play API instability
31 weeks ago
* [supply] add new SUPPLY_UPLOAD_MAX_RETRIES env var to attempt to solve failed Google API calls (#21518) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz)
2.215.0 Improvements
31 weeks ago
* [spaceship] add request retry with backoff when encountring 429 errors (#21511) via Stefan Natchev (@snatchev) * [supply] introduce a new synchronization logic for screenshots (#21498) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [deliver] validate the status of app version to be ready_for_review before submitting the app (#20515) via 醉 (@404pilot) * [match] Added s3_skip_encryption parameter (#21018) via Morten Bøgh (@mbogh) * [docs] add minor branding guidelines to `CONTRIBUTING.md` (#21495) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [match] prevent directory download from s3 (#20975) via Mark Homoki (@markhomoki) * [xcodes] fix issue where `xcodes` action wouldn't accept beta versions of Xcode (#21434) via apps4everyone (@apps4everyone) * [spaceship] explicit beta group access to all builds at creation (#21478) via Vincent Isambart (@vincentisambart) * [docs] update pull request template to ask contributors to write unit tests (#21427) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [action] deprecate the ensure_xcode_version action (#21448) via Iulian Onofrei (@revolter) * [tests] stop generating rspec temp file in current directory (#21466) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [ci] fix CI by replacing deprecated Xcode versions, and add Xcode 14, Xcode 15, and Ruby 3.1 to test envs (#21465) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [deliver][frameit] add iPhone 14 Pro / 6.1" display type (#21393) via Stefan Natchev (@snatchev) * [spaceship] add missing `AppStoreState` cases (#21312) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [fastlane_core] fix WWDR certificates import flow (#21442) via Paul Taykalo (@PaulTaykalo) * [docs] fix tool name formatting (for `supply`) to be lowercase to pass fastlane docs unit tests (#21426) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan)
2.214.0 Improvements
40 weeks ago
* [spaceship] fix olympus session request error after skipping 2FA Upgrade (#21317) via AbbyM (@AbbyM) * [spaceship] add update method to ConnectAPI::User (#20956) via Vitalii Budnik (@nekrich) * [supply][action] add `download_apk_from_google_play` action (and corresponding `supply` methods) (#21315) via Olivier Halligon (@AliSoftware) * [docs] fix sync_code_signing.md (#21202) via Yuki Sakai (@VeyronSakai) * [fastlane] fix fastlane action template warnings reported by Rubocop (#21310) via Bartosz Kosiorek (@BartoszKosiorek-TomTom) * [docs][match] fix typos, improve wording, incorporate improvements to match documentation examples (#21302) via Roger Oba (@rogerluan) * [match] fixes Gitlab Secure Files API limit (#21361) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey) * [match] adding access token prompt for GitLab Secure Files Match (#21279) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey) * [deliver] update upload_price_tier (#21282) via lukethoene (@lukethoene)
2.213.0 Improvements
47 weeks ago
* [core][match] remove obsolete and expired WWDR G1 certificate (#21271) via Frederik Seiffert (@triplef) * [action][ensure_git_status_clean] new ignore_files option for explicitly ignoring files (#21283) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [scan] run simulator destination with arch=x86_64 for Xcode 14.3 and up if on Intel (#21284) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [match] adding support for self-managed GitLab instances (#21274) via Darby Frey (@darbyfrey) * [pilot] fix increase limit for build query (#21212) via Eric Lindvall (@eric) * [dependency] relax `multipart_post` dependency version requirement (#20870) via Edouard Brière (@edouard)
2.212.2 Improvements and fix for some App Store Connect APIs
1 year ago
* [ci] Only run all mac jobs on master and version bump branches (#21088) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz) * [spaceship] remove deprecated attributes from apps requests (#21187) via Kohki Miki (@giginet) * [snapshot] fix resolve deadlock in LatestOsVersion#version_for_os (#20329) via stbix (@stbix) * [deliver] Implements `verify` with `altool` for Xcode 14 validation (#20738) via Pol Piella Abadia (@polpielladev) * [action][ensure_git_status_clean] fix incorrect "ignored" param handling (#20976) via Iulian Onofrei (@revolter) * [spaceship] increase limit for build query in distribute to handle multiple platforms (#21087) via Eric Lindvall (@eric)

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