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fallenlonelie/SwiftUIViewKit 1.0.43
More easily make UI.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/fallenlonelie/SwiftUIViewKit.git", from: "1.0.43")


Can more EASILY made UI.

Make UIView class with SwiftUIViewKit.

import UIKit
import SwiftUIViewKit
class MyView: SwiftUIView {
    func body: UIView {
        UIVStackView {
            UIHStackView {
                UILabel("some title")
                UILabel("some description")

By default, layouts can be configured with Vertical or Horizontal and Linear using UIStackView.

UIVStackView(alignment: .center, spacing: 12.0) {
    /* ANYTHING */

At this time, you can obtain the layout you want by utilizing the .spacing, .alignment, and .distribution of UIStrackView.

    .frame(maxWidth: .greatestFiniteMagnitude, horizontalAlignment: .right)
    .padding(.top, 12.0)

All UIViews (including inherited children) can be sized through .frame, or .padding allows you to specify margins.

UIVScrollView {
    /*Any UIView*/
UIHScrollView {
    /*Any UIView*/

UIScrollView is also easy to use.

    UILabel(image: "ImageName(String literal) or UIImage object.")
    + UILabel("Big").font(.systemFont(ofSize: 20.0, weight: .regular))
    + UILabel("Small").font(.systemFont(ofSize: 10.0, weight: .regular))

The + operator in UILabel makes it easy to formatted text.

UIVScrollView {
    UILabel("some text")
    UIImageView(named: "imageName").renderingMode(.alwaysTemplate)

.color finds all the UIViews contained within, including the corresponding UIView, and applies the color value.

private let disposeBag = DisposeBag()
private let text      = BehaviorRelay<String>(value: "Now loading...")
private let imageName = BehaviorRelay<String>(value: "icn_default_place_holder")
private let color     = BehaviorRelay<Color>(value: .red)

var body: UIView {
    UIVScrollView {
        UIImageView(named: self.imageName)

Use Rx then You can easily made responsive UI.

someView.subscribe(someObservable) {view, element in
    /* blah */

Similarly, you can customize the behavior after receiving the Observable.

someView.configure {view in
    /* blah */

Features not yet supported can be customized using the .configure in UIView.


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