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A simple helper to aid navigation in iOS and macOS apps
.package(url: "https://github.com/facile-it/NavigationHelper.git", from: "0.11.2")


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NavigationHelper is a small library with utilities to aid the navigation in iOS and macOS apps.

The main class SerialHandler can handle executable actions: each action returns a Future for its asynchronous execution, and the class will handle the serial chaining of the actions.

The NavigationHelperUIKit library contains extensions of UIViewController, UINavigationController and UITabBarController to make them conform to the Presenter protocol.


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Release Notes

0.11.1 Manage NavigationHelperUIKit module correctly for archiving
1 week ago

On previous version, it wasn't possible to archive a project that imports NavigationHelper because NavigationHelperUIKit needed to explicitly declare its dependency to NavigationHelper module. Fix in this version.

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