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f-meloni/danger-swift-xcodesummary 1.2.1
A Danger-Swift plugin that adds build errors, warnings and unit tests results generated from xcodebuild to your Danger report
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.package(url: "https://github.com/f-meloni/danger-swift-xcodesummary.git", from: "1.2.1")


A Danger-Swift plugin that adds build errors, warnings and unit tests results generated from xcodebuild to your Danger report

Inspired by danger-xcode_summary


Getting Started

Install DangerSwiftCoverage

Swift Package Manager (More performant)

You can use a "full SPM" solution to install both danger-swift and DangerXCodeSummary.

  • Add to your Package.swift:
let package = Package(
    products: [
        .library(name: "DangerDeps", type: .dynamic, targets: ["DangerDependencies"]), // dev
    dependencies: [
        // Danger Plugins
        .package(url: "https://github.com/f-meloni/danger-swift-xcodesummary", from: "0.1.0") // dev
    targets: [
        .target(name: "DangerDependencies", dependencies: ["Danger", "DangerXCodeSummary"]), // dev
  • Add the correct import to your Dangerfile.swift:
import DangerXCodeSummary

let summary = XCodeSummary(filePath: "result.json")
  • Create a folder called DangerDependencies on Sources with an empty file inside like Fake.swift
  • To run Danger use swift run danger-swift command
  • (Recommended) If you are using SPM to distribute your framework, use Rocket, or similar to comment out all the dev depencencies from your Package.swift. This prevents the dev dependencies to be downloaded and compiled with your framework.


  • Add this to your Dangerfile.swift
import DangerXCodeSummary // package: https://github.com/f-meloni/danger-swift-xcodesummary.git

let summary = XCodeSummary(filePath: "result.json")
  • (Recommended) Cache the ~/.danger-swift folder

Run with SPM

DangerXCodeSummary can be used with SPM (this repo uses it on the Linux CI), but at the moment, if you use SPM, falining tests inline messages are not generated. To generate the report run:

swift test | XCPRETTY_JSON_FILE_OUTPUT=result.json xcpretty -f `xcpretty-json-formatter`

Send report to Danger


Warning and Errors count

if summary.errorsCount > maxErrorCount {
  fail("There are more than \(maxErrorCount) errors"

if summary.warningsCount > maxWarningsCount {
  fail("There are more than \(maxWarningsCount) warnings"

Filtering results

Don't show warnings:

let summary = XCodeSummary(json: JSONFile.jsonObject(fromString: reportTestJSON), dsl: dsl, resultsFilter: { result in
    return result.category != .warning

Filter out any error or warning for a specific path:

let summary = XCodeSummary(json: JSONFile.jsonObject(fromString: warningsJSON), dsl: dsl, resultsFilter: { result in
    guard let file = result.file else { return true }
    return !file.contains("Sources/DangerXCodeSummary/")


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