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Danger plugin to validate Markdown files

Getting Started

Install DangerSwiftCoverage

Swift Package Manager (More performant)

You can use a "full SPM" solution to install both danger-swift and DangerSwiftProse.

  • Add to your Package.swift:
let package = Package(
    products: [
        .library(name: "DangerDeps", type: .dynamic, targets: ["DangerDependencies"]), // dev
    dependencies: [
        // Danger Plugins
        .package(url: "https://github.com/f-meloni/DangerSwiftProse", from: "0.1.0") // dev
    targets: [
        .target(name: "DangerDependencies", dependencies: ["Danger", "DangerSwiftProse"]), // dev
  • Add the correct import to your Dangerfile.swift:
import DangerSwiftProse

MdspellCheck.performSpellCheck(ignoredWords: [], language: "en-us")
  • Create a folder called DangerDependencies on Sources with an empty file inside like Fake.swift
  • To run Danger use swift run danger-swift command
  • (Recommended) If you are using SPM to distribute your framework, use Rocket, or similar to comment out all the dev depencencies from your Package.swift. This prevents the dev dependencies to be downloaded and compiled with your framework.


  • Add this to your Dangerfile.swift
import DangerSwiftProse // package: https://github.com/f-meloni/danger-swift-prose.git

MdspellCheck.performSpellCheck(ignoredWords: [], language: "en-us")
  • (Recommended) Cache the ~/.danger-swift folder


Add to your Dangerfile This uses the orta's fork of mdspell

MdspellCheck.performSpellCheck(ignoredWords: [], language: "en-us")


Add to your Dangerfile



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